Feet on the Ground

By Ray Wilson

It’s been the warmest day of the year so far. I am walking the dog in the Ashdown Forest, in an area where King Henry the Eighth used to run amok, slaying deer, drinking, and wenching.

“How’s Hegarty?” I say.

“He’s so much better,” she says. I don’t know her name, but I have met her a couple of times before, and we got talking about dogs and their diets, as you do. Hegarty bounds up, wagging his tail, eager to say hello to my hound.

“I tried the raw foods you suggested; it seems to have really helped.” She smiled. “I got a grounding mat for Hegarty and one for me as well. I was astounded. My joints don’t ache any more. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I don’t think so. Look at Hegarty. Oh, I better get going; he’s getting bored.”

I walk through the ferns down towards the bridge over the stream. I take my shoes and socks off, wiggle my toes into the earth, and feel the sun hot on my face. It’s hot enough to paddle in the water. I am thinking of a long ago summer, the scorching summer of 1976, that had one of the worst droughts for more than a century, with temperatures exceeding 32 °C for more than a fortnight and reaching close to 36 °C. We were roasting in the factory based in Forest Row, and some of us were volunteers, ready for the emergency call to put out the fires that were spontaneously combusting all over the Ashdown Forest that year.

“Have you checked the fupping earths?” Colin shouts.

We are being accused of committing the cardinal sin of failing to earth the benches. In 1882, a 4 page document with 21 regulations was published, and at this time, bare, exposed iron wire was normal, and joints were made by a long, carefully specified twist of the wires!  In 1975, we were up to the 14th edition, and compulsory earthing of lighting circuits had been introduced on its first publication in 1966. Our work involved CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) chips, and these were very sensitive to static electricity. This electricity is present in every animal and every human not directly connected to the ground. If you stand on the earth with your bare feet planted firmly in the soil, these dangerous energies instantly disappear. We used grounding mats and wrist straps to ensure that we and our working area were free of static electricity.

“All of you, check your leads and mats again. I want to be 100 percent sure that everything is earthed,” Colin barked. “We are going to do this every week, and every week we are going to write down the results so, if needed, we have incontrovertible evidence to show our customer that every precaution has been taken.”
The emergency forest fire siren goes off.

“Fup a duck!” Colin shouts. “I don’t believe it. It’s a shout. You lads had better go.”

I don’t remember so many people with health problems back in those days; it’s anecdotal, of course, but it’s a phenomenon many of our unvaccinated friends and family notice but is curiously unobserved elsewhere. I am thinking about those spontaneous forest fires; I am also thinking about inflammation, which is a fire in the body and an autoimmune response where the body attacks itself. Increasing numbers of vaccinated people suffer in silence from clinically documented vaccine adverse events. Vaccine damaged people are ignored by the government and shunned by the medical profession under the flickering gaslights of the media. My brother Steve had the jab; he doesn’t talk about it, but he’s suddenly acquired various medical issues. There is a muted cry of utter desperation among the vaccine-damaged simply to have their medical condition caused by the government’s injectable acknowledged.

On the NHS website, it “helpfully” points out that:

“Many people have persistent physical complaints, such as dizziness or pain, that don’t appear to be symptoms of a medical condition. They are sometimes known as “medically unexplained symptoms” when they last for more than a few weeks, but doctors can’t find a problem with the body that may be the cause. This doesn’t mean the symptoms are faked or “all in the head”; they’re real and can affect your ability to function properly.”

It goes on to explain that common medically unexplained symptoms include back pain, headaches, fatigue, faintness, chest pain, heart palpitations, and stomach problems. 1 in 4 people who see a GP have physical symptoms that cannot be explained.

“I have just spoken to Jenny,” my missus says. “Brian hasn’t had any luck with his feet.”

Jenny and Brian, our friends of many years who were early recipients of the “safe and effective” jab, both have leg problems, circulatory issues, and cripplingly painful feet.
The last specialist that Brian saw carefully explained that “after a variety of examinations and tests, the team is unable to diagnose any medical condition that fits the symptoms; it’s a mystery, and we have no idea what it could be.”

Just another one of those pesky “medically unexplained conditions.” There may be a plethora of factors, but one that is guaranteed exclusion is the suggestion that it may have something to do with the experimental jab. If the indemnity given to all the pharmaceutical corporations was removed and they were made liable for any harm, I wonder if the enthusiasm to dispense the clot shot in such a calamitous manner would be curtailed. After all, the initial impetus for the introduction of the first wiring regulations was the Phoenix insurance company, which was handling a lot of fire claims due to badly installed arc lights. Suddenly, when the insurance companies are forced to pay enormous claims, things mysteriously change. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to push for safety regulations in order to mitigate their own financial risks.

This highlights the importance of having regulations in place to protect the unsuspecting populace from egregious potential harm and possible death, especially when it involves injecting experimental substances without declaring what those ingredients are or what the side effects might be—in short, not meeting the minimum requirements of informed consent.

After I recounted the conversation with Hegarty’s owner, my missus has been busy researching grounding and is reading a book by Clinton Ober called Earthing. She is so impressed with the research that she has ordered a consignment of earthing blankets that are made to sleep on; they have very fine silver threads woven into them to ensure contact with the body while sleeping.

My missus explains the idea to me:
“Grounding is a practise that involves connecting with the earth’s electrical energy by walking barefoot on natural surfaces or using grounding devices. When we make direct contact with the Earth, our bodies can absorb electrons, neutralising positively charged free radicals and reducing oxidative stress.
Grounding is associated with numerous health benefits, including improved sleep, reduced pain, and enhanced well-being. In the context of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), grounding may help neutralise the positive charge associated with ATP and restore electrical balance within the body. This balanced state may influence immune function and inflammation, potentially modulating the risk and severity of autoimmune diseases. In the past, when our bare feet were on the ground, we were grounded and at zero electrical charge. As soon as we started wearing rubber and plastic shoes, we disconnected ourselves from the earth, and our problems began.”

“So those tree huggers had a point,” I chirp in.

“Clinton Ober produced many scientific papers. Have a read of his book.” My missus talks about the Hadzade tribe in Tanzania; they are the quintessential example of leading an earthed life, spending all day either walking, sitting, or sleeping on the ground. The study reveals they have good eyesight, hearing, and teeth throughout life, even into old age. They don’t seem to ever get ill, and there is no cancer.
Research has shown that grounding reduces markers of inflammation, such as C-reactive protein, and modulates immune responses. While further investigations are needed to establish a definitive link between ATP dysregulation, autoimmune diseases, and the effects of grounding, preliminary studies demonstrate that the anti-inflammatory effects of grounding are extremely beneficial. The pharmaceutical cartels will not fund interventions that cost little and return little profit to their coffers. This is why alternative therapies like grounding are often overlooked in mainstream medicine. However, it is worse than this; vast campaigns have been funded by the cartels to dupe people into believing these alternatives are merely quacky and even dangerous and should not be considered. Why? They want you to demand to have their expensive and, as in the case of the “COVID vaccines,” experimental procedures that generate fortunes for those companies, fortunes beyond the dreams of avarice, with no acknowledgement of the devastating damage to people’s health that rips like wildfire across the world.

“It makes perfect sense,” she says. “After all, we have been using it in our workshops all of our lives to protect sensitive electronics without realising how it could help improve our health, at very little cost and no risk.”

“Anyway, I’ve got earthing blankets for Jenny and Brian as early birthday presents.”
“Don’t worry,” she says. “I will tell them to do their own research and come to their own decisions before using them.”