Fighting for Our Lives – We Must Unite

“One curiosity above all others tells us for certain that covid-19 is the biggest hoax in history, a monumental fraud, a coup perpetrated by conspiracy practitioners whose aims are to win power and money over everyone, everywhere.

The curiosity is that celebrities are allowed to tell us that the vaccine is safe and effective but truth-telling doctors who believe that members of the public are entitled to informed consent are suppressed, oppressed, dismissed, trivialised, lied about and demonised.

Let’s be clear about one thing, the existing covid-19 vaccines do not stop people getting covid-19 and they do not stop them spreading it.

And yet politicians and government-hired hacks and the media suggest that it does. It’s what scores of media doctors suggest.

But they are all lying. And they can’t sue me because I’m telling the truth. Even the World Health Organisation, and top government scientists in unguarded and honest moments, have admitted that the covid injection does not stop you getting covid-19 or passing it on.”

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