First Compensation Payment for Vax Victim – But Where Is the Money From?

A reader writes: It was wonderful to hear announced on TV [see video from GBNews below] last evening—Monday 20th June—that at long last after more than a year’s campaigning, the British Government has accepted liability and acknowledged that the first of over 2000 people suffering bereavement as a direct result of the vaccination and registered on the Government’s Yellow Card scheme, has been offered £120,000 compensation.

This sounds a handsome sum of money but not when you consider that the young woman concerned was widowed in her 20s and was looking forward to many more years of married life; her young husband was not at risk but took the vaccine as persuaded by the Government. The sum awarded to his widow is a trivial amount as she has yet to pay for his funeral and has had to borrow money in order to live.

The 2000 deaths are included in the 500,000 of those others adversely affected by the vaccination many of whom have been unable to work for over a year. The cause of death in each of the registered cases is supported by a Coroner’s death certificate stating the cause; some certificates have been shown on TV.

I know that this story has been the subject of very thorough investigations by the journalists involved over many months and some of the people involved have appeared on TV. You may well ask why this story wasn’t given air-time on the BBC ?

I hope you will tell your friends in case they know of someone affected in the same way in the UK.

Neville Gay


Vikki Spit receives first Covid vaccine damage payment in UK (GBNews/YT):

Roy McIntosh writes: Allegedly the ‘government’ has started paying out to families for the killing/murder. The money is not from the poison makers but public money!