First Degree Premeditated Mass Murder Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide – Part II

This is part II of an essay written by Douglas Brodie. You can read part I here: First Degree Premeditated Mass Murder Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide – Part I

The madness of COP27 

As predicted, the recent COP27 climate summit was yet another flop. The Telegraph’s resident climate fantasist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard disagrees – just look at all the incredulous comments under his absurd article. It is surely the case that hacks like him only write such nonsense because they or their MSM bosses are paid to do so by their globalist paymasters, as exposed here, here and here. Analyst Paul Homewood debunks AEP’s crazed articles here. A few of my own debunkings of the climate change scam are given here, here and here

The COP27 blether was all so far-fetched and hackneyed (this was the 32nd such pantomime), starting with the puerile hyperbole of the opening speech by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres saying that the world “is on a highway to hell” and other patently false fatuities. Their narrative was basically the same 30 years ago, since when despite an 18% increase in atmospheric CO2 there has been a only a tiny amount of global warming which stopped about 25 years ago and in any case was almost certainly natural rather than man-made. 

A comic highlight of the week was Nicola Sturgeon giving away £5 million of Scottish taxpayers’ money in reparation for make-believe man-made climate change damage, all the more absurd given that China has emitted more CO2 in the last eight years than the UK has in all the years since 1800. 

Another was Dame Jenny Harries caught out lying about alleged man-made global warming killing people, making a fool of herself and displaying a sad lack of self-awareness given that she did such a good job on that score herself in her role as Deputy Chief Medical Officer during the Covid “plandemic”. 

The demented Joe Biden may have signed up to pay “climate reparations“ but, Nicola Sturgeon please note, his foolish concession is dead in the water as the US Republicans who now control The House are saying “No way”. 

With winter blackouts looming, Lord Lawson’s GWPF thinktank complains that “The intellectual quality of the UK energy policy debate is a disgrace to parliament”. It’s high time GWPF joined the dots to conclude that the madness is deliberate and to challenge the proponents of Net Zero to admit that Net Zero equates to economic ruin and premeditated mass murder

The machinations of the G20 Bali summit 

The cringeworthy highlight was the “clown show“ phone call from Richi Sunak and Justin Trudeau to Volodymyr Zelensky, “calling out” Putin and expressing G20 solidarity with Ukraine until the last Ukrainian soldier is dead, reportedly a hellish 100,000 so far. They were referring to the missile strike in Poland that killed two people which turned out to have come from a Ukrainian surface-to-air defence missile gone awry. For a day or so it appeared as if the G20 politicians and the bought-and-paid-for MSM were trying to ferment WW III, just like the crazed former head of NATO calling for direct and open warfare with Russia. 

The outcomes of the summit are documented in the Leaders’ Declaration. This is all deeply dishonest undemocratic scheming: they pretend that the Covid mRNA vaccines have been a great success, studiously ignoring the deaths and injuries they cause, and that the chaos caused by Covid and the war in Ukraine was unavoidable whereas they brought it about themselves. The same applies to the destructive outcomes of their climate change agenda. 

The outcome I want to focus on is this from paragraph 23 of their declaration (my emphasis): 

We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the [International Health Regulations] IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations. We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates

Independent US campaigner James Roguski has been at the forefront of opposition to this tyranny, for example in his post Right now would be a very good time to wake up! An easy introduction to his work is given in this conversation with Dr Tess Lawrie. No sovereign country has voted for a globally standardised digital vaccine passport and all that such a system entails. It is democratically unacceptable. Note that TPTB are aiming to enact these tyrannical changes by May 2023 despite the fact that they were rejected at the 75th World Health Assembly in May 2022. 

Needless to say, the traitorous BBC News website contains nothing of relevance on “WHO global vaccine passport” or permutations thereof. 

The G20 politicians talk about “future pandemics” as if they are preordained certainties, as does vaccine-opportunist Bill Gates – who attended Bali, as did Klaus Schwab, but representing who? Gates absurdly insists with no medical justification that for Covid, “normalcy will only return when we have largely vaccinated [chuckles] the entire global population”. Contrary to their scaremongering, the world has suffered no true pandemic of any significance in the current era of modern medicine. Here is a suggestion on how to prevent the next pandemic:


The WW I Spanish Flu disaster is often cited as a reason why severe pandemic restrictions might be needed but that was actually bacterial pneumonia caused by an experimental meningitis vaccine (sounds familiar?) administered to US troops by the dastardly Rockefellers. For many years the WHO and Big Pharma have been spinning panic on contagion outbreaks and pushing dubious pharmaceutical products. For example, the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu scare resulted in 700 children in Sweden alone contracting disabling narcolepsy (sleeping sickness) through unnecessary and unsafe vaccines. Globally, about 150,000 to 600,000 died with or from H1N1, less dangerous than seasonal influenza. 

According to the WHO there are about 200 “pandemics” on the loose globally at any one time. That’s why TPTB named their infamous October 2019 Coronavirus planning exercise “Event 201”. The disaster created from the lab-engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus was a “plandemic”, not a pandemic. 

The WHO is totally in hock to Big Pharma and TPTB globalists with their ulterior non-health motives which are not at all in the interests of the general public. They cannot be trusted. We saw how the WHO tried (and failed) to make a mountain out of a molehill with Monkeypox when Covid was waning, declaring it a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (pronounced “FAKE”), exposed in my prior post here

All the evidence suggests that WHO/Big Pharma so-called cures are worse than the actual diseases. 

We cannot allow such an undemocratic, unaccountable body operating on the whim of a tyrant like Dr Tedros to take authoritarian control of national sovereignty issues such as lockdowns/home quarantines, school and business closures, the shutting down of normal healthcare provision, social distancing, forced masking, vaccine mandates on dangerous untested mRNA vaccines and vaccine passports, especially now that it is obvious that for Covid, these measures were all criminally contrived. With a leading cause of death around the world now “unknown cause“ or “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”, it is surely clear that they have been taking us all for fools. 

Vaccine passports for Covid and similar infections are an insult to the intelligence (excellent mockery inspired by Bill Clinton) because the mRNA vaccines don’t protect against infection and they don’t prevent transmission. As I have been saying for the best part of the last two years, vaccine passports are just a ploy to force Digital IDs onto everyone which TPTB will then use to control us, to track us and oppress us. As the brazen G20 Declaration shows, my “down a rabbit hole conspiracy theory” is about to become reality. It seems clear that TPTB are using the scare of pandemics as a tool of oppression, just as they do with their climate change scare. The good news is that Twitter has just ditched their censorship of anti-establishment Covid postings and will hopefully soon do the same for Net Zero. 

So, Messrs Hendry and Ross, how do you respond? If you and your fellow politicians do not resist the imposition of this authoritarian WHO/G20/TPTB tyranny it will be proof positive that you are actively (or passively) acting for the globalists against the people of the UK. 

In the meantime I urge people to follow the work of Roguski and maybe join his campaigning


Some people think the world has gone mad (I’ve wondered that myself) but on balance I think that all the mad, bad things that are happening are carefully premeditated. It seems to me that the government’s handling of Coronavirus had little to do with public health, that the climate change agenda has little to do with climate and that the war in Ukraine with its severely self-harming sanctions has little to do with defending plucky Ukraine against big, bad Russia

TPTB are using these policies together with aggravations such as (UK): fiscal austerity and the biggest drop in disposable incomes since the 1950s, raging inflation (the cost of living lockdown crisis), Orwellian perversion of science and violations of human rights enforced through suppression of free speech, censorship and other coercions, the contrived collapse of the NHS with over 10% of the UK population on waiting lists, the dislocations caused by the overwhelming uncontrolled inflow of foreign migrants which is unbalancing our demographics, requiring a new town the size of Liverpool every year, and the “down the rabbit hole” woke agenda, all used as tools of division, demoralisation and oppression against us, the people. 

Unfortunately they are unlikely to relent any time soon because their prime motivation is to defend themselves against the massive financial meltdown which is bound to happen sooner or later because of the massive unrepayable debts racked up through their own mismanagement and greed, described here. They are using these tools of oppression, admitted by TPTB’s George Soros, to bring about a controlled demolition of our “old normal” way of life and to enslave us digitally. 

Their attempt to force Digital IDs onto everyone via Covid vaccine passports has obviously failed but the G20 Bali machinations indicate that they have not given up. The fact that the paid-for MSM which blanked out previous Western anti-lockdowns protests is now praising the selfsame current lockdown protests in China (an epic article) suggests that TPTB want to put Covid to bed. Maybe they plan to unleash another “plandemic” on us, perhaps the one Bill Gate alludes to here with a smirk on his face. Maybe they will try to impose Digital IDs as a pretext to facilitate trade deals (really!), to allow age verification of internet users, to control immigrants or as digital vouchers for food, energy or “carbon” rationing. 

TPTB want to replace all cash money with digital currencies which they will say is for our convenience but don’t be fooled, they will actually enslave us. Many central banks around the world, including the UK, have been conducting trialson Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). There is even talk of them using the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency as a pretext to accelerate their imposition. They would soon make them programmable to control us via CCP-style social credit scores

I never thought I would see such naked premeditated evil in my lifetime. Unless we can stop it, whatever they are planning to spring on us will probably happen before the US and UK elections due in 2024 when the presiding incumbents must expect to get swept away. People need to take time out to pay attention to what is going on, otherwise there is little hope of resisting these dystopian plans. We need to ensure that this is Not Our Future. We need people power. We need people to join the campaigns! Neil Oliver gets this, as he sets out in his must-watch latest monologue

Yours faithfully, 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 2 December 2022