First Degree Premeditated Mass Murder Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide – Part I

By Douglas Brodie


My last email sent out as “The Powers That Be who rule our lives are inveterate liars” was posted online by Joel, The White Rose and PSI and I thank them each for their support.

The title of this new post quotes the spoken words of renowned US family doctor and Covid treatment campaigner Dr Vladimir Zelenko, sadly recently deceased, referring to the establishment’s callous oppression of the people through their evil Covid “plandemic”. This post seeks to give common sense proof that these strong words are entirely justified. 

It also asks my two politician addressees what they intend to do about the G20 moves currently afoot behind closed doors to surrender our national sovereignty to the unaccountable World Health Organisation (WHO) which is heavily funded by the medically-unqualified eugenicist Bill Gates and led under heavy Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence by the genocide-accused Dr Tedros

As always, my aim is to point out the harms and oppressions being subliminally inflicted on us by our politicians. Apologies for the length but I’m trying to expose multiple separate but interlinked skulduggeries and there have been many important developments recently. My colleague Joel Smalley will post it in two parts. 

Dear Messrs Hendry and Ross, 

Seven months ago in a post I sent you entitled How the government abuses the general public I wrote: 

As eloquently summarised in this Neil Oliver monologue, almost everything our WEF puppet politicians impose on us these days seems deliberately designed to make life more coercive and miserable, to weaken the economy, to impoverish us, to demoralise and divide us and, if they press on as they are doing, to kill off many of the poor and vulnerable.

Since then things have only got worse. The UK austerity budget imposing the highest tax burden since 1948 by the levered-in globalist placemen Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt is just the latest chapter in the deliberate immiseration of the UK people. It comes on top of deliberate food and energy deprivations caused by years of infrastructure-degrading climate change policies, culminating in the catastrophic destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines which guarantees European energy penury and sky-high costs for years to come. Was this vandalism authorised or perpetrated by Biden? USS Kearsarge with underwater craft docking capability was tracked leaving the vicinity, see this UK Column report from 24:20. Sweden claims to have underwater evidence but is keeping schtum, as is the disgraceful mainstream media (MSM). 

Contrary to their public protestations, Sunak and Hunt seem to be pursuing a policy of “degrowth”, perversely prolonging the energy crisis by maintaining the ban on domestic fracking and imposing crippling taxes on oil and gas producers. Research shows that the UK is now paying the highest electricity prices in the world thanks to the government’s Net Zero obsession, our long-established austerity programme. According to economist Patrick Minford, Jeremy Hunt has taken a wrecking ball to the British economy. I have used that metaphor before myself, describing it as the destructive part of the globalists’ wretched “Build Back Better” agenda that they didn’t tell us about. 

Don’t be fooled by their smooth talk and smiley faces. It looks as if Sunak and Hunt are either following the exhortation of climate megalomaniac Maurice Strong to “collapse Western civilisation” or they are grinding us down as a prelude to imposing the preposterous UN/WEF “Great Reset” when by 2030 we proles will supposedly own nothing but be happy

How many people know that Sunak (said to be very rich, TCW parody here) reportedly made most of his money by investing in Moderna, the Big Pharma company which created and patented the SARS-CoV-2 virus as long ago as 2013? For details see here (from 8 minutes in) and here. Did he know in advance of the plan to unleash Coronavirus on an unsuspecting world? On climate, Sunak seems to be under the sway of the globalist Friends of COP26 cabal and a range of other zealots. How many people know that Jeremy Hunt has praised China’s dystopian “Zero Covid” policy and is seen as the CCP’s man in London? (WEF boss Klaus Schwab also sees China as a “role model“). The first loyalties of this pair lie elsewhere, not to the people of the UK. We face pillage under them on a much worse scale than Russia suffered under the oligarchs. 

Returning to Dr Zelenko, his quotation comes from the third in this multi-tweet thread speaking out against the establishment Covid agenda, anchored on a report about studies which prove that the Covid mRNA injections are dangerous and deadly. Like most of the general public you have probably never heard of him. This is because the bought-and-paid-for MSM have blanked him out completely, although not quite on Twitter. 

It’s not just Zelenko who is blanked out. The linked multi-tweet features four anti-establishment figures: reporter Tucker Carlson and campaigning doctors Zelenko, Robert Malone and Peter McCullough. Use the search facility on the BBC News website to search for each of these names in turn and see what you find: a few hits on Carlson but none of his anti-establishment commentaries on Covid and the vaccines and absolutely zilch on the three campaigning doctors. 

Extend the search to “Yellow Card”, the UK system for reporting vaccine adverse reactions and “VAERS” for the US system. The result is zilch for the former (only sports contexts) and a few “fact-checker” propaganda pieces on the latter. 

This censorship illustrates how the public has been kept in the dark on the huge numbers of injuries and deaths caused by the establishment-parroted “safe and effective” Covid vaccines which are anything but and are actually toxic by design. It hides how there are many courageous doctors and others willing to put their jobs and careers on the line to campaign against this establishment tyranny. Repeat the searches on, say, the independent Conservative Woman website and you find multiple hits on each name. 

Several of my previous posts have exposed the evil Covid machinations of The Powers That Be (TPTB, defined here) executed by their complicit puppet politicians (parodied here and here), such as the simple summary in the second part of my last post, also this and this. I don’t propose to repeat all that and will restrict myself here to recycling some simple evidence of malfeasance with reference to the graph of UK Covid-attributed deaths (takes a few seconds to display) from early 2020 to the present time. 

The first wave of Covid-attributed deaths 

How many people know that cheap and effective drugs were available for early treatment of Covid that would almost certainly avoid the need for hospitalisation, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and that these drugs were deliberately banned by TPTB all around the world, thereby condemning countless thousands to avoidable death? That shocking ban is still in force today. In the same disgraceful vein, then-health secretary Matt Hancock wrongly claimed that vitamin D was no use against Covid-19. 

Incidentally, the recent collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency, detailed here and here, has revealed that its conman proprietor allegedly laundered money unchallenged by his blind eye regulators, channelling US taxpayer funds via Ukraine and FTX back to Biden’s Democrats, making him the second biggest donor behind George Soros. His relevance to this post is that he also funded a fake clinical trial of ivermectin for Covid treatment which was deliberately designed to fail. 

How many people know that just days before the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, the UK authorities downgraded Covid-19 from its then-prevailing status of High Consequence Infectious Disease? That seemingly-illogical move was because High Consequence status carries a legal requirement that “It is a public health responsibility to consider antiviral prophylaxis, and arrange as necessary”, in other words to provide drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (as promoted by the above-mentioned campaigning doctors). 

They didn’t want to provide these because they wanted to pretend that the only way out of the so-called pandemic was to take the Covid vaccines. In contrast, “Midazolam Matt Hancock“ made sure they had ample supplies of that death-delivering drug. He has recently had the brass neck to skive off to earn £400k on a reality TV show and to ask for forgiveness – not for premeditated mass murder, but for breaking his own police-state “household mixing” rules – because he knew, like Pantsdown Neil Ferguson and Partygate Boris Johnson, that the virus posed negligible threat. He should be facing trial by jury rather than a bushwhacker trial. 

I belatedly exposed this skulduggery in my December 2021 post The Covid establishment has been getting away with murder. Having downgraded the disease, they made sure that safe and effective Covid treatments were not available by banning them. I am disappointed that so few people have cottoned on to this calumny given that it is so obvious. If only people would stop relying on the corrupt MSM and the words of lying politicians and public health officials. 

Don’t be surprised if our health authorities and politicians start to dissemble that their ban was “just a recommendation“ as the US FDA has recently had the brass neck to claim. 

The medical authorities compounded these chicaneries by euthanising large numbers of mostly old people in care homes and hospitals under cover of lockdown using inappropriate treatments such as midazolam, morphine and ventilators. Listen from 3:29:40 to John O’Looney’s chilling narrow escape from attempted murder in hospital later in the year. He is also blanked out on BBC News. These deaths were falsely attributed to Covid and probably accounted for most of the Covid-recorded deaths in the March/April 2020 first wave. 

Nothing will persuade me that these moves were made as reasonable precautions or from panic or honest mistakes. All the evidence from Drs Zelenko, Malone, McCullough, Reiner Fuellmich and many others shows that it was carefully and callously premeditated mass murder and genocide. 

The second wave of Covid-attributed deaths 

Having successfully spun out their needless Covid fearmongering to the end of 2020, TPTB started rolling out the hopelessly-untested (the subject of a Swiss court case) Covid mRNA vaccines. The result in the UK was the huge January/February 2021 spike in deaths, many falsely attributed to Covid. This should not be confused with the imaginary Covid “second wave” which SAGE and the health authorities had invoked to scare everyone witless from late summer 2020. Independent scientists correctly dismissed the likelihood of such a second wave. 

I belatedly exposed this in my July 2021 post Open letter to UK politicians on Covid skulduggery. There were a few scattered reports at the time (Jan/Feb 2021) of mass care home deaths soon after their residents had been given their Covid mRNA injections but these reports were quickly hushed up and have never been mentioned again. An uncensored report from a Norwegian health authority explains this Covid vaccine fatal side-effect risk to the very frail. Joel Smalley exposes the establishment’s pathetic fake explanations here

The above-mentioned Dr Peter McCullough cites research showing the incriminating close temporal correlation between taking the Covid jab and subsequently dying, namely that 50% of these deaths occurred within 48 hours of getting the jab, while 80% occurred within a week. 

The fact that the government despicably turns a blind eye to all the fatal and other adverse reactions to the dangerous, experimental Covid mRNA vaccines (“billions of lives could ultimately be in danger”), particularly when they pushed them onto children and young adults who were at negligible risk from the virus and also pregnant women (remember Thalidomide) is further proof of premeditated intent to commit mass murder and genocide. This 2-minute video clip shows Doctors McCullough and Zelenko both agreeing on this. 

The ongoing Covid vaccines catastrophe 

According to the “official narrative”, we should all be grateful that the lockdowns and the miracle “Warp Speed” Covid vaccines have seen us through two deadly waves of Covid deaths, with the vaccines now successfully keeping the virus at bay. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

As explained above, both waves were callously contrived around the old and frail (the UK median age of Covid-attributed death has been above average life expectancy), the first mainly due to deliberate maltreatment and the second mainly due to fatal reactions to the vaccines themselves, with most of these sad deaths falsely attributed to Covid. 

The graph of UK Covid-attributed deaths shows that since the second spike, the death toll has run at much higher levels than it did prior to the vaccines. Official statistics show that Great Britain has suffered a shocking 41,000 excess deaths in the past six months. Some of these excess deaths are due to collateral damage from the useless and unnecessary lockdowns: delayed or missed medical treatments and NHS waiting lists, ruined careers and businesses, privations and stress, a mental health crisis, drug overdoses and suicides. Many of the others, which may well run into millions worldwide since the vaccine rollout started and are typically sudden and unexpected, are clearly due to the vaccines themselves. 

I’ll end with a selection of posts curated by my colleague Joel Smalley which show that the Covid lockdowns and vaccines have been an unmitigated, possibly catastrophic disaster. 

First, a lengthy and erudite piece from A Midwestern Doctor containing many revelations and ending ominously with: 

“Since the COVID-19 vaccinations started, I have had the fear that like many of those before me, I am one of those present to bear witness to a fundamental change in the health of the [Covid-vaccinated] human species. It is thus my hope that this [recent] spike in respiratory diseases is not a sign of what is to come.”

Second, a shorter but striking post from Dr Elizabeth Brown citing statistics from several European countries to illustrate the post-vaccine degraded state of our public health and fertility rates, the latter further reported by Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Third, a statistical post (with a confusing title!) by Joel Smalley about the isolated Pacific island of Palau which managed Coronavirus very well until they rolled out the Covid vaccines, at which point it sadly all went downhill. 

Fourth, a similar post by Joel Smalley on Norway. For some reason Norway got off lightly in the first year of Coronavirus but like Palau it took a severe turn for the worse when they rolled out the Covid vaccines. The good news is that Norway has just taken a massive U-turn against promoting the boosters. 

Joel’s recent posts The three most plausible reasons for excess deaths and Iatrogenesis in England & Wales give authoritative support to my above more subjective analysis of the skulduggery of the government’s mishandling of Coronavirus. We now appear to be in a “pandemic of the [Covid-] vaccinated“ and need to stop our iniquitous Covid mRNA injection programme asap. 

Read Part II here.