Former Police Officer Writes Letter Demanding Action for Justice

Below is the text of the open letter. You can download the letter here: HMIC and Chief Met

28th June 2022

Dear Sir Stephen House, acting commissioner of The Metropolitan Police and Mr Andy
Cooke, Chair of Her Majesties Inspector of Constabulary

I feel it is only right that I address both of you in the same correspondence to avoid any
unnecessary duplication and so you are both fully aware of the following circumstances of
which I believe you will be disgusted and horrified to learn. This is sent as a result of the
news The Metropolitan Police are being placed into special measures.
My name is Mark Sexton I am a retired Police Constable and I live in Birmingham.
Please be assured everything you are about to read is true, evidenced with facts and data
that is vast, irrefutable and damning.

There are a number of very high-profile world-renowned, credible and professional experts
in the following fields who can and will provide their evidence to fully support the ascertains
being made.

Doctors, Lawyers, Barristers, Virologists, Immunologists, Professors, data experts, GPs,
Nurses, care home staff, retired and serving Police Constables, Funeral Directors and

The most serious of crimes have been identified as early as October 2020 and they all relate
to the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccination program that is currently ongoing.
Thousands of pages of evidence, videos, documents, expert witness statements, thousands
of victim statements, multiple peer reviewed papers, links and interviews have been
submitted to The Metropolitan Police.

A criminal complaint was made, and a crime number issued for Misconduct in public office
and Gross Negligent Manslaughter.

Crime number 6029679/21 refers.

Many offenders have been identified and named including members of parliament, civil
servants, senior police officers and within the media.

The evidence is irrefutable and it shows many of the most serious criminal offences being
committed, misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice right at the very
top of the aforementioned establishments.

It is also worth noting, I know the following police forces have also been made aware of
these crimes;

West Midlands, Warwickshire, West Yorkshire, North Wales, South Wales, Thames Valley,
Suffolk, Northumbria, Cumbria, Dorset, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and
Devon, and Cornwall.

What is most concerning and deeply worrying is that all of the above and in particular the
Metropolitan police have refused to investigate any of the allegations, treated the
informants and the victims with utter contempt, labelled anyone who goes against the
narrative that is coronavirus and the vaccines as conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxers and tin foil
hat wearing lunatics.

Irrefutable and publicly available evidence has been supplied to the police and blatantly

Deputy assistant commissioner Jane Connors went public in February 2022 making the very
false statement no crimes were identified from the evidence that was submitted.
Deputy assistant commissioner Connors is blatantly perverting the course of justice in order
to protect the accused.

Superintendent Tor Garnet from Hammersmith CID is also perverting the course of justice
by fully supporting the decision made by Jane Connors. This is despite Superintendent
Garnett being aware of the evidence and who the offenders are.

The credibility of the witnesses, the victims and the many experts is without question or

The blatant unjustified dismissal of these crimes is incomprehensible.

The informants were never spoken to or contacted, the experts who provided their
information and evidence was never spoken to or contacted despite being acknowledged by
Superintendent Jon Simpson assistant to Cressida Dick, the victims who provided over four
hundred statements were never spoken to or contacted and none of the alleged offenders
were spoken to or contacted, this was a blatant, disgusting and deliberate whitewash.
As a result of the police’s appalling performance particularly by the Metropolitan police
numerous complaints have been made to the professional standards departments all of
which have been ignored.

The complaints were made as far back as January 2022, to date there has been no contact
from these departments with me or any other member of our team regarding these very
serious complaints.

Due to the lack of common courtesy or contact from the Metropolitan police or their
professional standards department, complaints have been made to the independent office
of police conduct on more than one occasion.

Yet despite the intervention of the IOPC the complaints made are still being blatantly

It must also be borne in mind a criminal allegation of perverting the course of justice was
made direct to the Metropolitan police against Jane Connors and Tor Garnet.

This complaint was made and accepted and fully documented by Sergeant Norton from the
professional standards department at Charing Cross police station on March 30th 2022.
To date there has been no contact regarding these matters.

CAD 1879 of 30/03/22 refers.

The reference numbers relating to the complaints made to the IOPC dated 04/02/2022 are;

2022/165135 Metropolitan Police.
2022/165134 Warwickshire Police.
2022/165133 West Midlands Police.

Information came to light from a very trusted source, The Metropolitan Police was reaching
out to all police chief constables and telling them no crimes have been identified, not to
investigate allegations regarding the coronavirus pandemic, members of parliament or the
I was also receiving anonymous communication from serving Metropolitan police detectives
horrified that no criminal investigation was taking place.
I was approached by off duty and on duty constables in the London borough areas and from
around the U.K. talking to me in confidence about their concerns surrounding the pandemic
and the vaccines.

These officers were fearful to be seen with me, they were fearful to be quoted by me and
they would always ask me not to divulge our conversations. What and who are they scared
of and why?

We then have to talk about party gate and the awful awful issuing of fixed penalty notices to
Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak.

These men were going on television every single day telling us the rules and the regulations,
banning us from funerals and weddings, we were not allowed to see our elderly relatives
who were left abandoned and isolated and left to die in care homes and hospitals, mask
wearing, working from home, children not allowed to go to school, businesses being forced
to close, not allowed to visit each other in our homes, protect the NHS and protect

Yet here they were the Prime Minister, The Chancellor of the Exchequer and many more
ministers and civil servants partying away on more than one occasion and laughing at us
behind our back.

One rule for them another rule for us, do as we say not as we do.

These are serious crimes of misconduct in public office, they should’ve been arrested, tried
in a court of law and sent to prison for many years.

To receive a £50 fixed penalty notice makes a mockery of everything we believe to be true
and just in the eyes of the law.

The fact that these parties continued while the country was locked down clearly shows the
Prime Minister and the Chancellor and over one hundred more ministers and civil servants
didn’t fear a virus and were not worried or concerned about catching or spreading a virus.
That I believe tells us all we need to know and also fully supports and vindicates all of the
criminal allegations being made and all of the supporting evidence available.

You police by consent and govern by consent.

We the people of the British Isles give this consent and it has conditions.
The police are the public and the public are the police.

Remembering, police are members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to
duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and

The police have adopted an unfair, bias and divisive two-tier undemocratic policing style.
Politicians, civil servants and police constables are afforded special treatments, leniency and
no punishment or accountability.

Yet, the public are arrested, heavily fined or imprisoned and criminalised for minor low-level

You no longer police without fear or favour, you no longer police with impartiality, you no
longer police without interference or independent of government, you no longer work for
the people, by the people of the people.

The Peelian policing principles and The Nolan Principles of Public Life appear now to be

Our law is your law, your law is our law. No man or woman, no matter title or financial
status, no corporation public or private are above the law. We are all equal in the eyes of
the law.

Where the British police have wilfully failed, the British people are duty bound to act.
The trust and respect for the police is at an all-time low and it’s all your own doing.
We have begged you, our police, to stop the harms being caused and arrest those
responsible. We have written, emailed, called, visited, protested and pleaded with you for
two years and you’ve treated us with utter contempt and ridicule.

If you don’t do the job we pay you to do and you continue to ignore our cries for help we
will be left with no other option but to make the lawful arrests of these known criminals

Remembering, we don’t need your permission to prevent crime, that is our public duty and
responsibility to each other. We would rather you do the job we pay you to do but if you
keep failing us we will protect each other from, harm, injury and death. We will also use
force as is reasonable, necessary and proportionate.

An independent public inquiry has been initiated and Baroness Hallett is the chair.
Be aware, I am now in direct contact with Baroness Hallett and her office and I will be
making her aware of all of the above.

Baroness Hallett must make a fully informed all-inclusive assessment moving forward with
regards to the public inquiry surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.
The men, women and children of the British Isles are exhausted.

The people we employ in government to take care of us, distribute our taxes and to protect
and support the vulnerable are failing us on the grandest of scales.

The police men and women that we employ to protect us from harm, injury, death and loss
are also failing us despite numerous requests for help.

Gentlemen, we never voted in the World Economic Forum, we never voted in the World
Health Organisation, we never voted in the United Nations, we never voted in
pharmaceutical companies telling us what to do and what to inject into our bodies, we
never voted in billionaires using their money, influence and power to override our laws, our
constitution and our democratic right to be free, independent, sovereign men, women and
children of the British Isles.

We demand a meeting with the both of you. The many credible witnesses and experts are
available and willing to assist in every way possible to bring to an end the disgusting
criminality being committed unabated, by those we entrust to take care of us and keep us

Billions and billions of pounds of our money is being wasted and extorted from us on a scale
never seen before.

The cost of living is going through the roof and putting many families in hardship they may
never recover from.

This is by design, and it is a deliberate act by those in government and we must protect each
other and stop living hand to mouth, month-to-month, pay day to pay day. We must remove
the sadness and the misery we are faced with on a daily basis and replace it with happiness,
love and allow us to live our lives free from tyranny, abuse, fear and constant debt.
We all deserve and have the right to live happy and fulfilled lives, we have a duty to protect
our children’s future and we will continue to do this in the absence of a police service that is
failing us on a daily basis. Our police are protecting the criminals in government and the civil
service and allowing them to continue with their evil, wicked and nefarious agendas . None
of this is for the benefit of us the people but for the benefit of but a few billionaires from
around the world.

We have had enough, we demand you do your job for us the people who pay you.
We will not succumb to the ridiculous rules and regulations being spouted out twenty four
seven on all the news channels, social media and in the newspapers. Not to mention the
censorship anyone daring to tell the truth is faced with.

We will protect ourselves, our families, our children, our elderly, our homes and our future.
We implore you to work with us to find suitable remedies and to make sure we move
forward with accountability for those committing the crimes, with remedy and redress for
those affected by these crimes of which there are many victims.

It is my suggestion that every police force in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales sets up a
major incident room, staffed with appropriately trained professionals in order to deal with
the many victims of these disgusting crimes at the hands of our government, civil servants
and unfortunately some of our senior police constables.

We do not want bloodshed, we do not want riots, we do not want martial law and we do
not want to be slaves to a corrupt government and a corrupt system that is taking
everything from us including our freedom, slowly but surely it is happening right before our
very eyes.

We need you our police to be with us, we need you to uphold the law and we need you to
arrest the criminals responsible for the desperate plight we are all facing right now.

Of huge importance and as a matter of urgency we beg that the injections that are being
given right now to the men, women and children in the British Isles are stopped
immediately. The damage, harm, injury and death they are causing is catastrophic.

The evidence of this is being deliberately suppressed and denied, we have got to act now
before it’s too late.

I ask this is treated with the utmost urgency and actioned without delay in order to protect
us from untold harm, injury, death and loss and to give us a fighting chance for the future
moving forward.

This correspondence is going to be sent in writing to you both in London and Birmingham. I
will also be making this letter public as it is only right everybody knows you have been
contacted and made aware, transparency and openness is a must.

I will also be sending this to the BBC and to the Daily Mail and many other news outlets.
I will also send a copy to Ken Marsh the chair of the Metropolitan Police federation.

Please protect us and work for us. Please put an end to the suffering and please protect our
children and their future, please, we beg and demand this of you.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Sexton
and the millions of victims of crime demanding justice is done and thos