Four Years Too Late: Telegraph Admits Covid Vaccines Are to Blame for Excess Deaths

The Telegraph, which is financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (biggest vaccine investor) is playing down the serious consequences of the covid jab. It doesn’t mention that the covid jab can trigger all sorts of illnesses through immunodeficiency, such as turbo cancer. However, the article admits that the covid vax could be harming people…

Covid vaccines could be partly to blame for the rise in excess deaths since the pandemic, scientists have suggested.

Researchers from The Netherlands analysed data from 47 Western countries and discovered there had been more than three million excess deaths since 2020, with the trend continuing despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures.

They said the “unprecedented” figures “raised serious concerns” and called on governments to fully investigate the underlying causes, including possible vaccine harms.

Writing in the BMJ Public Health, the authors from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, said: “Although Covid-19 vaccines were provided to guard civilians from suffering morbidity and mortality by the Covid-19 virus, suspected adverse events have been documented as well.

“Both medical professionals and citizens have reported serious injuries and deaths following vaccination to various official databases in the Western World.”

They added: “During the pandemic, it was emphasised by politicians and the media on a daily basis that every Covid-19 death mattered and every life deserved protection through containment measures and Covid-19 vaccines. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the same moral should apply.” (Read the full article here.)

Telegraph, Vaccine Causes death! Why now? (Jeremypoole/Bitchute)