‘Free World’ Nations Become Tyrannies – The Light, Issue 14

Life inside Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and much of Europe has become a DYSTOPIAN nightmare. IF it were Russia, China or North Korea, there would be talk of sanctions from the UK government over the unlawful behaviour of police and governments in many Commonwealth and European countries.

Many residents cannot socialise, meet up or otherwise enjoy normal life, without fear of being excluded, arrested and beaten. News is heavily censored and behavioural psychology (mass mind control) is widespread, leaving populations hypnotised and unable to deal with simple, verifiable facts.

Mandatory mask-wearing is the norm, even when outside, often along with having a reason for being out – inmates are allowed one hour of exercise per day – and many must show the necessary papers, with police assaulting, arresting, shaming, fining or imprisoning those who refuse to go along with the insane authoritarianism. Protests are met with brutal force – people have been pepper-sprayed and shot with rubber bullets for daring to question government policy, in so-called free democracies. Travellers from abroad, including those returning to their homeland, are quarantined and treated like prisoners at their own expense, with a massive new facility at Wellcamp in Queensland with 1000 beds being built.

Police in Australia are now even able to change people’s social media posts and comments online due to the ‘Identify and Disrupt’ Act which was passed in September; framing is now legal in Australia, just as murder and other crimes by the state are now legal in Britain (CHIS Act 2021). In New Zealand, the entire country is again under an indefinite lockdown, after a few covid-19 cases were reported there. A single case necessitates a ‘snap lockdown’, in which all rights of millions of citizens are immediately restricted and indefinitely subject to the containment of a seasonal respiratory disease. Residents need special permission to enter or leave the biggest region, Auckland. Prime Minister Jacinda Aherne has remained committed to the impossible goal of ‘zero covid’, and ordered the country’s police and military to set up security checkpoints throughout New Zealand in an effort to make sure citizens are not travelling, which now carries a massive fine and/or prison sentence as punishment.

Many governments are operating a ‘health pass’ scheme of one kind or another. In Italy, the government has told businesses to stop paying workers without a vaccine passport. In Israel, only those repeatedly taking booster injections are considered ‘fully vaccinated’ and allowed the green pass to live a ‘normal’ life. Evidently taking their cue from the multi-billionaire businessmen who own and control the big banks and corporations, including the major media and pharmaceutical companies, governments are part of the largest sales and marketing campaign for any product, ever. Our predecessors all fought together against totalitarianism, yet here are the majority appearing to support the very same systems of government. The age-old tyrants’ ruse of imposing harsh laws and restrictions of freedom under the guise of its being for the good of the people cannot be, and never
is, to our benefit.

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