Freedom Magazine – Last Days Before Launch Day

Since 2020 we have been busy distributing news, leaflets and books that bring the truth to light and encourage people to think for themselves. It all began when inhumane con-vid restrictions were imposed on us, and everyone’s core freedoms were under threat. The Freedom Magazine has emerged from this resistance. The tide is turning and many more people are awake than ever before.

We need your help to gain a foothold. If you haven’t subscribed already, please consider subscribing to the Freedom Magazine. It costs just £6 a month (international subs are £9/month), including post and package. Your support will help us to continue our work. £6 is not a huge amount – that’s the equivalent of two cups of coffee or two sandwiches a month. However, your subscriptions means a very lot to us!

Discount until 19 March
Use the codes below until 19 March 2024 and you will get a discount on your subscription forever – as long as you remain subscribed. If you subscribe after this date you will be charged the normal price.

Promotion codes:
UK subscriptions: HQVZTBPY
International subscriptions: 5Z9QPG5Y

Go to the subscribe page, click on “Add promotion code”, copy and enter code.


Many thanks for your support!

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