Freedom Magazine Launch Day!

The Freedom Magazine
  • The first freedom magazine founded in the UK (since the events of 2020)!
  • 19 March 2024 is launch day – a historical day?
  • The Freedom Magazine is a people’s mag – written by the people for the people!
  • Today is the last day of discounts on subscriptions

Today, 19 March 2024, is the official launch day of our new magazine! Will we once view this as a historical date? Are there going to be many editions and years ahead of us? Nobody knows! All we know, is that we don’t want to wait and do nothing. As long as it is necessary, we will speak up against modern tyranny!

It’s an ongoing trend that everything is moving online – banking, payments, communication, news and socialising. The White Rose is taking a step in the opposite direction, away from the internet.

In the UK, this is the very first and currently only magazine since the events of 2020, that is based on defending freedom. This new periodical is for those who prefer a slower, more substantial read in contrast to the hurried and superficial news-flood coming from the internet.

There are many pros and cons to the internet, but the more we go online, the more depending, controllable and trackable we become.

There’s something pleasing about reading printed texts as they carry more weight than in the internet. However, we’re not planning to go completely offline. The website will be regularly updated with news articles and videos, but we strongly recommend subscribing to this printed magazine, which will appear monthly. It is a way of resisting digital censorship and tyranny.

The magazine has the size of a booklet and consists mostly of articles, essays, columns and poems, but also contains fun and useful stuff and a few black and white illustrations in each issue.

Our intention is to distribute news that wakes people up and resists global dictatorship. As an alternative to the mainstream media, our magazine is closer to the truth, stands for freedom, and for protecting the future of our children and grandchildren.

Resist digital censorship and tyranny by subscribing to the Freedom Magazine!

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