Freedom Magazine: Pre-Launch Discount on Subscriptions

We have some exciting news: Our first magazine is going to be published in April 2024!
Help us gain a foothold – we need 1000 subscribers to publish the magazine on a monthly basis.

How can you help?

  1. If you haven’t subscribed already – subscribe to our magazine today. We are offering subscriptions for a reduced price of £5/month (save £12/year) instead of the regular price of £6/month. Official launch is on the 19th March. After that, new subscriptions will cost £6/month – but if you are subscribed on or before this date, your reduction remains forever!
  2. Spread the news: Encourage friends and family to subscribe to the printed magazine. You are also allowed to share the promotion codes – see below.
  3. Mention the magazine or introduce copies at events such as Together’s Glasgow Public Forum or the London Event – Society, Controlled or Free? Offer the magazines on a stand or hand out. If you are a speaker, you’re welcome introduce the magazine to your audience. Please contact us for bulk orders.
Promotion Codes for UK & International
  • Click here, choose ‘subscribe’ and enter this code if you’re living in the UK: HQVZTBPY
  • For subscribers living abroad, click here, choose ‘subscribe’ and use this code: 5Z9QPG5Y


If you wish to support our work financially, please consider subscribing to our magazine. It will be akin to donating £5 a month, but with a printed magazine to it!

Please help us to continue to spread truthful, important news!

Many thanks for your support!

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