Freedom on a Leash – Muzzled Canadian MPP Speaks Out

While the courts have limited my ability to speak on many topics that are affecting our lives and becoming entrenched in our society, I am still able to speak on some public policy, especially the most recent Bill 100, Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act, 2022. In it, we see the adoption of more authoritarian policies that can arbitrarily remove your assets and freedoms without a court order or remedy, with full support by all parties in our Provincial Parliament.

Listen to this video as I discuss the content of Bill 100 and how you can help my legal defence and remove the legal muzzle so that I may begin again speaking loudly and often on the issues that matter. (Randy Hillier/YT – backup video below)

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No More Lockdowns Canada is a grassroots community of political activists countering excessive government overreach. Founded by MPP Randy Hillier in May of 2020, NML Canada asserted our fundamental rights as Canadians to peacefully assemble, offering a stable and welcoming social environment to passionate citizens opposed to the destructive public health response to COVID-19. It began with a simple request for citizens to abandon normalcy for just “two weeks to flatten the curve” of a novel respiratory virus, but after two years of cruel and unusual mistreatment of citizens by our governments, we still haven’t fully reclaimed our old lives.
MPP Randy Hillier Addresses 10,000 Activists, Queens Park February 2022

The COVID-19 era is revealing how indifferent and complacent the majority of Canadians have become. Western civilization is spiritually, morally, and economically bankrupt, and only a small minority of citizens understand this reality. You’re likely one of them if you’re reading this. At the trivial whim of an unelected and unaccountable public health bureaucracy, governments worldwide destroyed small business, stunted childhood development, isolated aging seniors, the extensive list of critical disruptions goes on and on. We’ve had years of our lives robbed from us, and our tolerance of these unprecedented interventions establishes a precedent that seriously jeopardizes our future wellbeing.

It began with enforcing lockdowns and mask mandates, but we arrived at the bottom of a very slippery slope when the mob cried for mandatory injections, public vaccine segregation, and the destruction of livelihoods. Our politicians flirted with the darkest elements of human psychology to divide the population and tighten their grip on power. This was made possible due to their subsidization of the mainstream media, compromising the failed institution with millions of our tax dollars. Big tech social media companies punitively censor anyone who deviates from the approved narrative. Very simply, mainstream society completely lost the plot, and the mass psychosis of covid hysteria is exacerbating multiple crises of existential concern that we’ve been ignoring, the onset of global hyperinflation, supply chain breakdown, impending food shortages, geopolitical conflict, and now war.

Randy Hillier’s Brief Statement Prior to Surrendering to Police (Randy Hillier/Odyssee)

Backup video – Freedom on a Leash – An update and Bill 100 (Randy Hillier/Odysee):