Freedom Protest: Video Report on Sky News

It appears that the BBC has completely ignored the peaceful protest march, on Saturday, 24 April in London, where it is said that 750,000 took part. However, Sky News has made a video report showing the massive crowd walking down Oxford Street. The march began in Hyde Park and lasted around four to five hours.

Mark White said: “The vast majority of people who are here are actually protesting against the rules around covid, against vaccination, against the rules around masks.

“Lots of other concern as well about the potential for vaccine passports.”

White added: “A lot of different groups that have come together with a lot of different areas they are concerned about, under a general heading they say of an attempt to preserve their freedoms – and rail against what they say is a continuing effort by the government and authorities to curtail those freedoms.”


In contrast to the video, the article underneath the video attempts to push through the narrative, e.g. by calling the claims made by the participants conspiracy theories, and then goes on mentioning an incident that took place after the march.

Watch the video on Sky News: