Further Attempt to Get MP to Take Action

An engaged reader has written another letter to her MP, determined to provoke a reply and an assurance that the MP will take action.

Dear Dr (…)

Having yet to receive replies to my previous messages, I’m now going to implore you to watch, to listen to and to read the following:

Please employ your medical expertise to raise this matter at Westminster. It is far too important to be tarnished and buried by political point scoring.

I know that Sir Christopher Chope has spoken about compensation for victims of vaccine induced morbidity.

It seems to me that experts , dissenters and victims alike are being sidelined ; the official narrative brooks neither expert challenge, nor public dissent.

Finally, I was particularly struck by one of Lt Colonel Long’s comments in her expert testimony to the US enquiry: it is now known that DES, formerly widely prescribed,
caused teratogenic malignancies and other abnormalities in the teenaged daughters of women who had used it to prevent miscarriage and premature labour.

Since there is now increasing evidence of menstrual dysfunction and ovarian absorption of the vaccine’s spike protein, I fear that similar effects might materialise in the future daughters of young women who have been vaccinated.

Please answer this message and please take this seriously. We need medical professionals like you to speak out, both as our representatives and as practising doctors, who abide by the principle of fully informed consent.

Yours sincerely,