Gene Therapied Pork – Vaccines in Food

Merck funded Moderna’s mRNA Vaccine in 2015 to create Sequivity an mRNA particle vaccine for farm animals. We know antibiotics in our meat wreaked havoc on the human immune system, what implications does this have future immune system? (Andy Dybala/YT)

How Long Have You Been Consuming Gene Therapied Pork?

  • For the last couple of years, I’ve recommended not eating pork due to its high linoleic acid (LA) content, but there’s an even bigger reason to avoid it now. Since 2018, pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds.
  • The very first RNA-based livestock vaccine, a swine influenza (H3N2) RNA shot licensed in 2012, was developed by Harrisvaccines. The company followed up with an avian influenza mRNA shot in 2015. Harrisvaccines was acquired by Merck Animal Health later that year.
  • CureVac developed an mRNA-based rabies shot for pigs in 2016.
  • The swine vaccine platform Sequivity, introduced in 2018, was developed by Merck in partnership with Moderna. Sequivity can produce endlessly customized “vaccines,” none of which undergo safety testing.
  • Americans have been eating pork treated with gene therapy for nearly five years already, and even more of our meat supply is about to get the same treatment. mRNA-lipid nanoparticle shots for avian influenza are in the works, as are mRNA shots for cows. Lobbyists for the Cattlemen’s. Association recently confirmed they intend to use mRNA “vaccines” in cattle, which might affect both dairy and beef.
  • Missouri House bill 1169 would require labelling of products that can alter your genes. It would also require companies to share information about the potential transmissibility of gene-altering interventions, and asserts that fully informed consent must be given for all vaccines, gene therapies and medical interventions.

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American Farmers To Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots this Month

There are no laws requiring informed consent for vaccine food. (Greg Reese/

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