Geo-Engineering – What are Chemtrails?

Are chemtrails another one of those conspiracy theories? You might have thought so, up until 2020. But things have change since then, and many of us are now more sceptical than ever. During the past two years we have learnt that in this world today anything between absolute insanity and extreme evil is possible.

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Inquiries and reactions from readers:

I find this Chem Trailing particularly concerning. Here, yet again this morning, the sky over Shropshire is full of these Chem Trails, there must have been at least five in a half hour period since eight o clock this morning, they are still hanging over our town. It was a lovely blue sky this morning, now it has turned completely a bleached white.

Incidentally, none of these flights appear on the ‘Flight Tracker’ website, so that is suspicious right away.

I have written to my local newspaper and also the Daily Express, who actually brought the subject up and asked the public if they think it is just a conspiracy theory. Should still be on their website.

Always great to read the articles you include. Along with many other people on social media, I am very concerned with Geo-engineering, that is going on above our heads.

It has been happening for quite some time, but has intensified in recent weeks.

What starts out as a lovely sunny morning is quickly spoilt with numerous planes leaving long trails that over time widen – join up with other trails until the sky is grey and the sun dimmed.

I have heard from people in France, Portugal, Greece, and the USA, who all say the same is happening in those countries.

I feel that this Geo-engineering will lead to many suffering from a deficiency in vitamin D—the sunshine vitamin.

I have a plane finder app on my i-pad, but when these planes that leave these trails fly, there are, according
to my plane app, no planes flying over my city.

Have you heard from any other people regarding this?

Yours most Sincerely, CC

Just to let you know aeroplanes have been flying over our properties today, expelling huge wide white chemical trails.
What is in this? What are the chemicals/toxins they are releasing?

Could you please investigate? It’s so worrying and scary.
We know they are trying to depopulate.

Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to inform everyone of what’s going on.

Thank you, SU