German Children’s Rights Organisation Files complaint Against Schools

A German Children’s Rights Organisation (Kinderrechte Jetzt) has filed criminal charges against all doctors, teachers and school headmasters.

On Monday, 20 September 2021, BioNTech praised its study on the vaccine for children. On the same day, pathologists reported shocking things about autopsies of vaccinated people at a pathology conference. Finally, the 14th safety report of the PEI was published on the same day, which shortly after the extension of the vaccination campaign to 12-17 year-olds already showed a drastic accumulation of heart muscle inflammations and three deaths in this age group. Unimpressed by this, the vaccination buses are rolling in at the schools.

For this reason, they have filed criminal charges with all public prosecutors’ offices in Germany, among others.

Their website states:

On September 23, 2021, we had a criminal complaint filed with all public prosecutors in Germany. We see in the currently ongoing vaccination campaign against children tremendous criminal conduct. In the history of the Federal Republic, there has not been a case even remotely comparable.

Children do not need this vaccination against Corona. They are hardly affected by COVID. According to the latest safety report of the PEI, there are now more than 156,000 suspected reports of adverse reactions, of which more than 15,000 are serious and 1,450 are deaths in the temporal context after vaccination.

After the start of the childhood vaccination campaign, there have already been 3 post-vaccination deaths within a few weeks. In the first year of the pandemic, a total of 4 children have died from covid. Instead of clearing this up, the pressure on the population to be vaccinated is increased, and the vaccination buses roll up in front of the schools and politicians are already cheering about the news from BioNTech that the approval studies for the under 12-year-olds have been successfully completed. After that, it’s the infants’ turn.

While other countries stop the vaccination campaign completely, freeze it or at least leave the minors out, Germany seems to want to take a special path. It is urgently time to subject this to a comprehensive criminal law assessment.

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