German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Admits: Covid Vaccine Causes Serious Injury

German Health Minister Openly Admits The Vaccine Injuries and Deaths From The Covid Vaccines (cOrrosive/Bitchute):

Full video in German – see English transcript below (Symphony News/YT):

The finger pointing phase has begun

By Steve Kirsch


  1. Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Germany for Health, is basically saying it wasn’t his fault because he didn’t sign the contracts for the vaccines.
  2. He acknowledges that his earlier statement in summer of 2021 that the vaccines are free of side effects was an exaggeration that was expressed in a failed Tweet.
  3. He acknowledges a rate of 1 per 10,000 doses for those experiencing serious adverse events.
  4. He still thinks overall the benefits outweigh the risks. So he’s not backpedaling that much.
  5. He agrees that drug company profits have been exorbitant
  6. He will set up a program to deal with the injuries


This is a good start.

The Health Minister is still badly misinformed about the rates of adverse events

It’s important to note that the benefits don’t outweigh the risks. This is crystal clear for kids, but true for all ages as well.

For example, nobody can name a single previously healthy kid who died from covid, but I can name plenty of previously healthy kids who died from the covid vaccine.

The actual rates for serious adverse events are more than 100x greater than he’s acknowledging at this time, but at least he’s setting a floor for serious injury.

Note: The rate for death is around 1 per 1,000 doses, consistent with studies by Rancourt as well as the published paper by Skidmore.

So we know the Health Minister is off by at least a factor of 10 since death would be considered to be a serious adverse event.


The finger pointing has begun. This is progress. We are getting there. Slowly but surely.

Transcript of the full video

The Federal Minister of Health is with us, thank you very much for that and good evening Karl Lauterbach. Good evening, sir. What are you saying about these victims? Restrictions and some of them will also be permanent, so it’s difficult. What we do as a start is the health insurance companies take over the treatment and so the countries will pay for the worries. But in fact we have a problem with both of them researched feverishly. And the supplies are often very tightly tied. That’s why I really understand the people who are complaining here fighting the opposite a year repeatedly being turned away. Many posts who don’t believe you sometimes don’t even get an answer at all, fight and then spear good ones until they are recognized as a vaccine and at the end a small sum. That can’t be what the state is currently offering these people, can it? Absolutely not and I want it don’t give that impression either, because that’s not the way I see things. There must be a faster recognition of these procedures here and we’re slowly getting a clearer picture based on data from the Paul Institute or European approval, severe vaccinations are in the order of less than one in ten thousand vaccinations. So it’s not that it’s that common. But because the pictures of the disease have become clearer , it should also be possible in the future. Identifying those who are affected more quickly, so that also quick r can be helped. Why did you, Mr. Lauterbach, still claim in the summer of 2002 that the vaccination was a side effect Very very often before that, for example, position norms about the side effects of the vaccinations, but also often said afterwards that there were hardly any or practically no more or fewer side effects, you said afterwards in a TV show by Annewill: You always gave this impression That the issue of side effects is actually not an issue. That is not correct. Well, I just said it, the numbers are known at the time, and they have remained relatively stable, these vaccines have been used worldwide, one in ten thousand, you can now saying that’s a lot and you can say it’s not that much but it’s actually a vaccination that v or very serious illness and, by the way, very often also reduces the long Covid. also that is similar to what we have seen here with the post syndrome so the vaccinations then the benefit outweighs it, but it is correct one in ten thousand that is the frequency of serious side effects .Now the first lawsuits are pending against Biontech, also against other vaccines, what do you think how they will turn out? have been released from liability and that the liability lies with the German state, so to speak with the federal states as just described, but health insurance companies, which is the most important thing. Looking ahead, we need action and I will set up a program with the Federal Ministry of Health, where we will the consequences of long covid and that would be then also post office, where we are also investigating improving care. That is a contribution that we can make. When is that going to happen specifically? Ask those people who are affected, who are being observed all the time as soon as I want. And I’m negotiating with the family doctor, so to speak, for this money it’s something we also have to bring where we have an obligation and that would network the experts in this area in such a way that the probability of really good therapy in Germany would increase .Now you have just mentioned this liability yourself. It means that the pharmaceutical companies can sit back and lean back in all these legal proceedings. Namely, the state has assumed the risk. It must then hold you, the federal government, responsible for any claims for damages that may arise standing straight, it’s a good feeling that you have with it What’s a good Ge First of all, I feel I didn’t make the contracts at the time, but went into them when the contracts were official. And I think that it was due to the situation at the time that people wanted to use the vaccines as quickly as possible and that’s where the state was perhaps liable That’s also right, because it’s better for the state to be liable if long-term comparisons or lawsuits have to be conducted with companies. Well, we’ve just seen how difficult it is to actually get money from the state. How do you think it is If it then goes on now, do you think that the companies could, for example, in view of the situations, pay a voluntary foundation money, that would be an idea. If you are already out of liability, it would definitely be valuable if the companies would show here because the profits have been exorbitant exorbitant profits and therefore that would actually be more than a good gesture, but one could expect But you ask me how will it go on? I’ll tell you the optimistic scenario I have is that we finally learn how we can treat long covid and post how we can do it and how will it work and recognize the cases more quickly so that people don’t would have to wait so long to be recognized at all. A promise from the Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, was thank you very much for the interview tonight. I’ll start you!