Get Rid of the Smartphone Now!

A reader writes:

Get rid of your smartphones now. It’s their tool in every way.  We all need to do this now and spread the word. If all resistance fighters, especially globally, did this, we could win.

We are helping them build the prison by continuing with cell phone use. If 30% of the people (all of us resistance fighters, especially globally) stop using smartphones, and get rid of the cell phone ‘plans’ with the providers, they can’t move forward with their digital IDs, prisons or the vax passes. It’s the equivalent of the resistance blowing up a bridge.

Get a landline, a phone iPad, or a desktop computer; use only pay and talk, but get rid of your cell phones.

That’s how we really make a move en masse. We need to spread this to every resistance fighter. (Reluctance to this idea shows how they’ve already infiltrated our lives and minds. Shake it off). We need to spread this to all resistance fighters and act now, before it’s too late. Their net is closing. We can still do this.

And use cash. Stay away from credit as much as possible.

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