Gibraltar Deaths: Who are they? AND Care Home Death Outbreaks in England

    1. Man, aged 80-90, with underlying health conditions
    2. Man, aged 80-90 with acute kidney injury
    3. Man, aged 65-70 with underlying health conditions
    4. Woman, aged 90-95 with underlying health conditions.
    5. Man, 80-85 with underlying health conditions
    6. Woman, aged 70-75 with COPD
    7. Man, aged 85-90 with underlying health conditions
    8. Man, aged 90-95 with underlying health conditions
    9. Woman, aged 80-85 with underlying health conditions


What is the average death age in Britain? It’s around 82 years of age. Can you spot the average age of these people who have allegedly died of covid? You may also notice that they all had underlying conditions, meaning they may well have been dying from something else, but happened to have been tested positive for covid.

This list is not a bad joke – it’s a statement that the Government in Gibraltar has published. The nine deaths are presented in the media in such a way to cause unnecessary fear.

You can view the gov document with more details here:

Also, noteworthy – the Local writes: Gibraltar began rolling out its vaccination programme on January 9th using the Pfizer vaccine and by Sunday, had administered 5,847 doses – covering around 17 percent of the population. You can read the full article here:

This results in the important question: Did these nine cases die shortly after receiving the jab?

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