Good News For Thetford – Goodbye 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

Good News for Thetford! Goodbye 20 Minute Neighbourhood (LSB Film Productions/YT):

Well done Kris and the other councillors and to all of those in Thetford that stood up and fought against the agenda. What has been done by all of you has sent a hugely powerful message to those that propose to have authority and power over us, that we recognise what we have and are not going to give up our freedoms that were granted as our birthright. Well done to you all. (Comment on YT)

We got rid of a 20-minute neighbourhood:

Huge congratulations to Kris Brooks and Gary Conway, and the other good folk from Thetford in Norfolk, for their determination to see off the nefarious Low Traffic Neighbourhood, or 15 minute ghetto, in their town. How did they do it? ((Richard Vobes/YT)