Governments Are Spreaders Of Disinformation – ‘Asia Pacific Today’ Interview With Prof Dolores Cahill

Professor Dolores Cahill says that mRNA vaccines enhances the illness and the disease. Citizens subjected to punitive restrictions on their liberties and movement for more than 12 months, are now being forced into mass, and what will soon be, mandatory vaccination programs to gain back their freedoms. Political leaders continue to use the vacuous and dishonest slogan of “following the science” that many still believe, but are they leading us into another form of Hell!

Dr. Dolores Cahill, a renowned expert in immunology. Dr. Cahill has been an Expert in the EU for some 15 years in Future and Emerging technologies. She is President of the World Freedom Alliance, a worldwide platform of organizations offering access to justice, true dialogue for health science and politics, holding worldwide officials to account under the law.