Harassment by NHS – How Put An End to It?

A reader wrote:

I am concerned about the harassment campaign that the NHS are waging against those of us who have already repeatedly declined the unlicensed vaccine.

Many people, feeling worn down by pressure at work and from NHS’ constant drive to jab all and desperate to go on holiday are caving in and getting jabbed against their better judgement.

To date, I have received seven text messages telling me to get vaccinated, unwanted letters, emails and too many phone calls to list. It seems there is no way to block (mobile phone) the NHS from doing this.

Yesterday I unwittingly answered an NHS call asking me why I wasn’t vaccinated, and I politely said like how long have you got, I could write a book on why I wouldn’t get the jab but said seriously, I wanted my decision to be respected and for them to stop contacting me altogether as surely it should be obvious that I had made my choice not to be ever jabbed, but that I felt they were bullying me by continuing not to accept my decision.

They responded that they just wanted to make sure that I had got the messages and want people to be safe. I said that I didn’t feel accepting the vaccine would be a healthy choice or make me safe for lots of reasons and asked to be taken off their contact list.

Ten minutes later, I received yet another unwanted text telling me to get jabbed. I rang 119 and insisted on lodging a complaint. I don’t know if this will be followed up as I wasn’t given any reference for my complaint…

If anyone at White Rose knows of a way to block these unwanted messages or stop the unwanted letters please let folk know. My points I would add are that the whole campaign is a waste of good money, it is unnecessary, it is perpetuating ‘fear of’ and is creating a very definite divide between those who have been jabbed and those of us who are hanging on for our rightful freedom.

Please, God, let there be a breakthrough for the greater good. So many people blindly trust the government, the NHS and the BBC rhetoric. Thanks for reading this, and thank you for raising awareness through White Rose.

Ways how to fight back against NHS harassment: Return the blue letters to the sender (with a message on them) or call them and make it clear that you do not want any further contact regarding Covid vaccination.

Please write to us if you have additional suggestions: Contact