Heading to Davos

If there is a single ethical public agency remaining in the world, May 23rd (affording time for latecomers to arrive and settle into their Davos accommodation) would be a good day for a valiant band of such worthies to descend on Davos and arrest all present on various charges ranging from genocide to collusion. And if such a band of White Hats was to experience any initial doubt or confusion as regards its capacity to tell one criminal and his record from another, the generic indictment of ‘conspiracy to plunder and murder’ might be a good place to begin.

(John Waters)


I’m going to Davos to report on the World Economic Forum (Lewis Brackpool/Rumble):

While the conglomerate of elites gather to discuss the orders of the world in Davos, Switzerland, there will almost certainly be few, if any, independent news organizations covering the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting — a meeting where their visions of society’s future are planned.  (Lewis Brackpool/Rebel News)

Rebel News has tasked five investigative journalists to report on the WEF annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Lewis Brackpool will be representing the United Kingdom.

View the reports from Davos: WEFreports.com