Health Freedom Bill of Rights – The Great Freeset

The World Health Organization (WHO) AND the United Nations (U.N.) are in the midst of attempting an unprecedented global takeover of public health that will change our future if we do not join together and stop them.

Right now, the WHO is amending the International Health Regulations (IHR) and drafting a “Pandemic Treaty” titled WHO CA+. These documents create the legal framework for the WHO to declare public health emergencies at will and then manage global public health in response.

It also gives the WHO authority over pandemic preparedness, which includes extensive surveillance of people and animals to identify outbreaks early and allows the WHO to act as the single authority for infectious disease mitigation, prevention and treatment protocols for anything they deem a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

In other words, the WHO Director-General would become the world’s “medical czar,” anointed with complete control of the public health response worldwide, allowing him to create the narrative and censor all opposing viewpoints.

Simultaneous actions by the U.N. are underway, with it recently announcing it is seeking the power to manage global emergencies.

Join us in resisting this global pandemic response by signing the Health Freedom Bill of Rights below. Sign to let the WHO and the U.N. know that we are paying attention and will not comply with this consolidation of power at the hands of global unelected leaders.


    1. Right to no medical mandates: It should be unlawful to mandate any medical protocol, experimental drug, medical procedure, medication, device, biological agent, toxin, radioactive exposure or medical treatment on anyone under any circumstances.
    2. Right to no discrimination: It should be unlawful to discriminate against anyone based on their medical or healthcare decisions.
    3. Right to informed consent without interference: Doctors violate informed consent the moment they withhold information from a patient that would allow the patient to make an informed decision concerning treatment. Doctors should abide by the age-old adage to “first do no harm.” Hospitals and doctors should be prohibited from using coercion, fear tactics, or various means of compensation to entice a patient into any medical treatment. Violating informed consent should subject doctors and their hospitals, institutions and companies to criminal and civil liability.
    4. Right to personalized care: Hospitals should be prohibited from unreasonably denying the use of legal treatments.
    5. Right to exclude third-party interference: We should protect our healthcare rights against any mandates from the World Health Organization or any other international body.
    6. Right to access medical care: No pharmaceutical company or medical institution should mandate a person’s vaccine or health history status as a precondition to admittance, treatment, or right to intervention/therapy.
    7. Right of free movement: Health/vaccine passports should be prohibited. People’s ability to travel should not be restricted based on medical status.
    8. Right to a medical advocate: Patients should have the right to choose a medical advocate and the right to receive visits from advocates, family members, and their personal doctor if and when admitted to a hospital. A minor, elderly or incapacitated patient or any patient with special needs should have the right to be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the duration of their stay. If a patient wants to leave the hospital against medical advice (AMA), or their advocate or healthcare proxy makes such a request, the hospital should immediately release or transfer the patient, according to the patient’s request.
    9. Right to protections from unlawful quarantine: It is unlawful to force any citizen to quarantine without due process.


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