Health Service Apartheid

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News.
Topics in the video:

  • Scary Delta Variants And Apparently Dangerous Vaccines
  • Health Service Apartheid
  • Why Have Four Airline Pilots Died Recently And Why Are Vaccines Now Only Safe for “Most People?”
  • Jimmy Dore Speaks Out On Vaccine Injury
  • US regulator Postpones Investigating Heart Problems Among Young People
  • Targeting Children For Vaccines With Insane Marketing
  • Holidays For The Vaccinated Amid Draconian Crackdown In Ireland
  • Dangers of Spike Proteins
  • Spinning Natural Immunity As Vaccine Induced Immunity
  • UK Column Announcements
  • Fake Imperial College London Memorandum
  • The Government Censorship Network
  • The Eternal Lockdown
  • Some Jabs Are More Equal Than Others
  • GB News Fails Already