Here is What Has Happened to Australia

Lament for Australia

By Tony Cooke
Sent to the White Rose UK for publication with the kind permission of the author.

I loved a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains
But now my sunburnt country has slid right down the drain
I loved her far horizons, I loved her jewelled seas
Now my beloved country has slumped in tyranny

Her beauty has been tarnished by greedy grasping men
Who’ve closed her far horizons from now but until when?
Who’ve closed her pretty beaches where foam her jewelled seas
In pretence that they can save us from some fanciful disease

They’ve locked us in our houses except one hour per day
When we may venture outside, to exercise not play!
We’re not to supposed to chatter with our neighbours or our friends
Lest the joy of human converse may puncture their pretence

They’ve closed our enterprises, not the big ones just the small
And they seem to think that we’ll survive on nothing much at all
While they in paid employment ignore these piffling rules
Thinking we don’t see them, playing us for fools

For health and maybe safety we’re forced to suffer jabs
Of some toxic so-called vaccine whose content we don’t have
But whose consequences point to dangers from inside
Turning our very cells against us with a spiky viral tide

And if we dare to protest in the streets and in the parks
They set the coppers on us, in black uniforms so dark
As dark as their intentions to intimidate us all
By pepper spray and rubber bullets that make us to withdraw

And if in our confusion we let slip our inner thoughts
Those black clad thugs will grab us and drag us to the courts
For to protest our leader’s actions is incitement deadly dire
And o’erweening institutions will hold our feet to fire

But when this madness started we were told two weeks suffice
To flatten the infection and put our fears on ice
But near two years have passed now upon this flattening path
And yet crushing this infection is still beyond our grasp

For stranger yet and stranger, despite what we were told
Although at first the victims, were principally old
Now most are vaccinated, and with the double jab
Most who succumb are often young and double jab have had

So it seems this strange infection, is more than body bound
Affects the minds of those in charge, in ways that are profound
Replacing their endowment to think and to assess
With selfish greed and hubris, that’s led us to this mess

Or maybe it’s more evil, than we can comprehend
As our leaders in their hubris, as heroes do pretend
To save the world from deplorables, who are the bulk of us
By culling all their useless mouths, in a vaccine driven rush

So leaders of my country, beware the waking tribe
That’s now begun to understand, what you’ve been trying to hide
There will be retribution, for your infernal plans
There’ll be no place for you to hide, from God or vengeful man

So my beloved country, where do we go from here
For sticking with the present mob, the path is bloody clear
Will lead us to perdition and total tyranny
In a land that once was proud to boast that we were young and free

We need to find our courage, within this sunburnt land
To overturn the tyranny, and crush the tyrants plans
We need to find amongst us, men of principle and strength
Whose steadfast resolution, will lead us out at length

So core of my heart my country, all is not yet lost
We can still recover, but we must pay the cost

Note from the author: For those out of Australia it is based on a poem “My Country” written by Dorothea Mackellar in 1908. When I was growing up, the second verse was probably the most learnt verse of any poem in primary school. Here it is for your readers.

“I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!”