Hey Trudeau, We’re Back! ‘Rolling Thunder’ in Ottawa

Trudeau faces new protests as motorcyclists hit Ottawa streets against vaccine mandates:

Fresh protests in Canada capital against PM Justin Trudeau over vaccine mandates and other policies. Motorcyclists-led anti-govt ‘Rolling Thunder Ottawa’ rally triggered a fresh showdown in canada capital. The fresh protests came two months after a three-week-long trucker-led occupation of Ottawa capital city. There was a faceoff between police and some rally participants during 7 protesters were arrested. Hundreds of policemen were deployed in Ottawa to ensure protesters do not block the capital. (Hindustan/YT)


Here we go again, and it’s just getting started! several groups are converging in Ottawa at the same time, this time there won’t be hundreds of semi trucks, but there will be a lot of people! (JustinCredibleTV/YT)

“Rolling Thunder” Convoy Stops in Havelock:

On Location in the Small Ontario town of Havelock (pop 1,175). What are the Rolling Thunder protesting?
They are former “Freedom Convoy” protesters heading to Canada’s capital Ottawa to gather on Parliament Hill and denounce covid-19 mandates. (silverado 15/YT)