Higher Excess Deaths Clearly Linked to Higher Vaccination Rates

The more covid vaccines an area of England has received, the greater the number of excess deaths occurred. See the following an analysis of official data:

By Joel Smalley

Since the start of COVID, there have been four distinct periods of excess death in England.

In this short study, I have aggregated excess death in each of the 300+ lower tier local authorities (LTLA: administrative areas of England).

This allows us to measure idiosyncratic excess death against idiosyncratic levels of COVID “vaccination”.

Figure 1

Let’s start with period 1, spring 2020 (obviously before anyone was “vaccinated”) vs dose 1 cut off at 07-Mar-21 in order to deal with any potential confounding (Figure 1).

Sure enough, a decent amount of explanatory power (R² = 31.0%) and statistically significant at the highest level, tells us we have some spurious correlation between excess mortality and rates of “vaccination” given that the deaths occurred almost a year before the “vaccines” were released.

Of course, we’ve seen this in many other countries too. Essentially, jab rates are positively correlated with wealth (inversely with deprivation), which has the opposite relationship with death.

So, if the jab is effective, we’re going to have to see that relationship improved, i.e. a steeper downward slope.

Figure 2

There was hardly any “full protection” in any LTLA by the time the winter 2021 excess death wave (period 2) had ended naturally in early March 2021, so nothing can be inferred from the regression above (Figure 2).

Furthermore, as I’ve said before, any study purporting vaccine effectiveness that includes data covering this period is garbage. Period.

Figure 3

So, we have to look at the next wave of excess death, spanning summer/autumn 2021 to see if there is any benefit (Figure 3). Summer?? Say what now??

Looking at those who stopped at two doses (double-dosed population minus boosted), it is actually apparent that those areas with higher jab rates had higher levels of excess death.

However, this might be due to “waning protection”, right? Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

Figure 4

And there we have it, areas with high levels of triple jabbers also show no improvement whatsoever (Figure 4). Well done those who woke up in time!

Figure 5

Not so good for those who continued…

Let’s take a look at 2022 (Figure 5). Same story – ‘mo jabs, mo death’ as the Notorious BIG might have rapped.

And this time, we’re firmly back in significant territory with R² = 26.6% and 100% confidence that this result is not by chance (unless it’s spurious again).

Comment from Julie Marson, Member of Parliament for Hertford and Stortford in the UK

Oh, I almost forgot, we were expecting less death in the high jab areas due to confounding. That’s really some reversal of fortune? ‘It’s like the more jabbing we come across, the more problems we see…’.

As always, remember, the burden is not on me to prove that COVID jabs result in higher excess deaths, the obligation is solely on the jab pushers to prove unequivocally that they reduce death.

Good luck with that!

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