Hospitals in Hull Declare Psychological Civil War on Their Patients

By Tom Penn

While medical apartheid spreads with unabating fury across Europe, British Secretaries of State, via their tannoy system the mainstream media, have chosen not to condemn but to prattle on about Christmas parties and the perils of mistletoe-snogs, and this is how we know they unequivocally endorse our neighbours’ politico-medical moves.

There is an insidious fallacy now creeping into the domestic public psyche, that as a nation we are holding out against authoritarianism: we are the last European bastion of freedom. Yet this is merely the result of the same old pandemic propaganda which has been running since March 2020.

No, a lockdown for the unvaccinated, universal health passes, or a mandatory, nationwide vaccination mandate have not yet been inflicted upon us, but that doesn’t mean that Government haven’t already lassoed the moon, ready to give it a good old tug and thus precipitate a tsunami of new controls; before then informing us that, powerless, they simply washed up on the pandemic tide.

They are instead drawing this leash taut piecemeal and with customary British restraint. I dare say that at some point in 2022, the ethically somnolent public shall wake up to just another normal day under the very same apartheid currently being implemented across the water; whilst the EU ban inter-country travel and supermarket shopping for the un-boostered, and begin jailing the unvaccinated.

We in Britain on the other hand, will be nattering and tutting about the vagaries of half-term holiday travel, totally unaware of the psychotic gravitational pull towards yet more devastating losses of self-determination.

Medicalised civil war has already arrived for millions across this country, but being of unfamiliar form it escapes the attention of the bewildered herd as a whole, who instead moo about liberty from the sidelines like bovine automatons. Yet the war is very real for those innocent civilians caught in the crossfire between the great pandemic lie and the division between the citizenry it fosters.

Tell the patients (and their concerned families) currently in any hospital having chosen incredulously and with a reprehensible lack of condemnation, to severely restrict visiting rights, that there exists no civil war.

Hospitals such as those in Hull for example – and as if the region has suddenly become a micro-state – are now allowing visits in ‘exceptional cases only’ in the face of Omicron’s spread, and with permission to be gained in advance and even then dependent upon multiple negative lateral flow tests.

Their unchallenged, redesigned protocol, effective as of December 1, although making for grim reading is well worth being aware of, as the mainstream media chose tactically to keep well away from it, and we all know that their censorship by omission is typically a portent of the national scale privations to come.

Just how many other hospitals are either currently adopting the following quite astonishingly cruel wartime esque measures, or imminently about to:

At the current time, hospital (ward) visiting has been stopped, and will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.’

Patients attending appointments or receiving treatment are asked to attend alone to support social distancing. In exceptional cases, where an adult is vulnerable or requires assistance, arrangements can be made.’

Compassionate visiting can be facilitated e.g. when a patient is at end of life, where it is considered safe to do so. This should be discussed/arranged with the relevant nurse in charge.’

One parent will be able to visit children in our paediatric wards.

Patients attending the Emergency Department must attend alone, with the exception of children who may be accompanied by one adult only (no siblings, please).

Women who need to stay in hospital after their babies are born can also pre-book a four-hour visit for their named birth partners in consultation with staff.’

‘Parents with babies in Neonatal Intensive Care are both allowed to attend the unit at any time but are asked to, where possible, limit themselves to one at the cot-side as much as possible. They should wear hospital-provided masks.’

All visitors must cover their mouths and noses with a mask, bandana, buff/snood or scarf as soon as they enter any of our hospital sites. Please note people cannot come into any hospital building unless they are wearing a mask, even if they have a medical exemption.

How is it that Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust has not been slapped down by the State for implementing such harsh measures, when on a national level it is only the mask guidance for shops and public transport, and the Test and Trace protocol that have been updated in light of Omicron, for now?

Marry this travesty with the prioritisation of the vaccination campaign over the treatment of vulnerable patients, the out-of-control cancer catastrophe born of the reinvented Covid-19-only NHS, and the hyper-normalisation of post-vaccination myocarditis and pericarditis (covered here by Kathy Gyngell), amongst myriad other atrocities, and it is plain to see that Britain is in no way getting off lightly in this nevertheless holographic global pandemic war.

Your average narrative believer in Britain feels as if in peacetime, yet pity the fool who relaxedly and contentedly dons his mask and obediently follows the rules, for he shall be in for a rude awakening once his time comes to address a serious and complex medical issue within himself or a loved one.

He will be granted limited time at the cot of his ventilated infant daughter; who will, through the tiny cracks in her feeble eyes, look up to see only a terrifying pale-blue mask of a father, and yet despite her tortured fledgling existence will likely have a much better grasp than the so-called adult protector staring down at her, that the medicalised civil war has been raging since long before she was merely a twinkle in his blinded eyes.

A reader’s reaction to Tom’s article:

It’s not just Hull who are making life difficult for people at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport are as well.

I was sent to A&E with my partner by her GP with an enormous abscess covering her throat. She clearly needed someone with her, yet reception ordered her to stay in the foyer as I was not allowed in the main waiting room with her. She could not hear her name called and missed being seen, so they removed her from the triage list. We had to go back later and this time I insisted I went with her, they said she needed life-saving surgery.

She was transferred to Manchester Royal, and she later told me they said to her unless she was covid tested they would not operate even though she is exempt from testing. DISGUSTING. After the operation she told me she heard the doctor say ‘order the Pfizer again’. She has health conditions that make her exempt from vaccines. So far, we do not know if they gave her the vaccine or not, as it may have been given while under anaesthetic. If they did, it was illegal, and without her knowledge or consent.

On another occasion at Stockport A&E she was ordered to wear a mask even though she said it would affect her breathing. The receptionist replied: ‘THAT DOESN’T MATTER GET IT ON’. She carries a card saying: ‘I am legally exempt from masks, testing and vaccines’.

This hospital Stepping Hill Stockport needs investigating. A&E has a board. The patient only, masks must be worn, no visitors not even carers.

Yes, Hospitals are being used to promote this very fake virus. On BBC TV I recently heard Dr Hilary Jones state 90% of people in hospital are unvaccinated, and Lorraine Kelly emphasized that 90%. How can these people tell us the anti-vaxxers are spreading lies and false information when clearly the BBC and Media are the ones spreading them.