Hospitals Paid to Kill

Dr. Russell Blaylock: “If you’ve ever seen anybody in respiratory distress, they’re in [a] severe panic, but these people were just calm, [speaking in] complete sentences, and they just said, ‘I’m short of breath.’ And so they would give them a drug, paralyze them, and put them on a respirator, and a high percentage, in some cases, 80% died.”

Hospitals in the US earned:

— $39,000 per patient on a ventilator

— $12,000 per patient in the intensive care unit

(Red Voice Media/Rumble)

We finally have the case that will see to Dr. Fauci getting locked up, once and for all! Dr David Martin knows everything about the crimes that the FDA, CDC, & New World Order poster child, Tony Fauci have committed and is determined to lock each and every one of these reptilian satanists up! His new breakthrough in accomplishing this, is to find patients who were vaccinated, hospitalized with Remdesivir, and resulting in their death. (Stew Peters Network/Rumble)

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