How Can You Find An Unvaccinated Soulmate?

Unvaccinated Christian male looking for faithful relationship

This reader, who is seeking a new relationship, wrote the following message to us (shortened):

Thank you for your service to mankind. Is there a dating site/app or community for unvaccinated people?

You have no idea the kind of feelings I have due to all this. I believe it is almost like AIDS in terms of its long-term effects. So it is not a wise choice at all to mix with the vaccinated people. No matter what the officials say. I strongly feel it in my heart. I know it.
Not only they’ve ruined our livelihoods, but have destroyed the relationships as well…

Can we reverse it? Can we even at least date, marry, and have children?

Do you know of such dating societies or communities where one can actually meet a soul mate, or at least a companion without having all these worries? Which are in fact serious matters for anyone who cares about the future…

I am an unvaccinated Christian male looking for a faithful relationship in Cardiff. I am open to moving too.

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