The Unseen Changes to Canada

By Randy Hillier

Progress in Canada 2 cars in the lane way rather than 2 kids in the yard

Canadians now have twice as many dogs than kids and the number is even greater for cats and cars. Sixty years ago, when I was growing up in a 3-bedroom house, with my 8 siblings, we had no dogs, and we had 1 car, a station wagon. It was also very common to have an uncle or aunt live with us for extended periods of time. But my life growing up in Canada would be inconceivable and unbelievable to younger generations.

But there is more, none of my grandparents or parents were in a nursing home but the rate today is that 70% of Canadians will be in a LTC home.

I left home when I was 19 and purchased my first home with $2000 down. My 8 siblings all left home when they were between 18-20 years of age and all began their working careers after high school. Only 2 of the 9 children went to university. Now over 35% of adults under 34 still live at home and have never left. Fifty years later 75% of high school graduates go to post-secondary and delay their working careers, their families but increase their debts.

As a youth I had 41 first cousins, but my children have 12 first cousins and my grandchildren have 6. How many first cousins do you have? In my youth there were no sperm donors, no surrogate mothers, no invitro fertilization, and abortions were very rare. How and why did this fertility crisis take hold and why are we not doing something about it?

The changes to our society are as imperceptible to many of us, as is our own physical changes, except when viewed through the great expanse of time. It would be impossible for Millennials, Gen Z or X, to understand these changes, they would be as foreign to them as a rotary dial telephone.

Changes in our society and our culture are a unique parallel to our own physical ageing process, and cannot be discerned by the young who have not yet experienced the changes.

Many people have grown up seeing homeless people, but in my youth, homelessness was beyond rare and was generally unknown in Canada, but today tent cities, couch surfing, and homeless shelters are found in every city and town. It was so incremental we did not notice the change.

As a youth there were no Food Banks, no food drives, and no school breakfast program, but nearly every family had at least one farmer in their extended family. But the former are now common fixtures throughout all Canadian communities and the latter is indeed rare.

However, the changes are even more striking and cover all spheres of our economic, social and cultural lives when we look at the numbers.

Canada by the numbers:

1 in 5 Canadians have a mental health problem.

1 in 10 adults are experiencing homelessness.

6 in 10 Canadians are overweight or obese.

5 in 10 Canadians over 60 are on at least 3 lifetime prescriptions.

Homeownership is at its lowest levels since 2011 at 65%.

3 in 10 Canadians over 15 have one or more disabilities.

Autism has risen from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50.

Only 3 in 10 Canadians believe there is a God.

1 in 4 working Canadians are employed by governments (3.6 million).

Only 1 in 3 Canadians are employed (16.5 million, Canada’s pop is ~41 million).

I hope you enjoyed this update and stay tuned as we continue to battle the Legal Machine, the Cons and the crooks, that are reshaping our Canada as we regain our freedom and culture.

Public education Teaching our kids to be without hope:

Public Education Teaching Our Kids To Be Without Hope

“We’ve all heard the term if you’re involved with computers of an operating system, you know the Windows operating system and the MS dos operating system etc.

They’re building a new operating system for our culture. That’s what they’ve done, a new operating system, and I like the old operating system.

An operating system where we know what the difference is between right and wrong, where we know how to speak, how to be honest, how to be nice and how to be good to one another.

That’s my operating system, and that’s the one we
need to get back to.” (Randy Hillier/YT)

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