How Many More Have to Die?

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Jabbing America:

The following is a media compilation of jab related injuries, sudden deaths and mystery illnesses, including celebrities and many well known athletes and public figures. This is by no means an exhaustive list.
We can only report on the information available at the time. However, as far as numbers go, many published medical journals state that only between 1-10% of adverse events are reported. Harvard Medical School conducted a study (which collected data from 2007 to 2010) and found it to be significantly lower again, stating ‘fewer than 1% of adverse events are reported’. While most estimates suggest a 30-40 fold of underreporting, Harvard Medical School’s numbers show it to be more than 100 fold. (checkur6/Bitchute)

A Year of Football Fans Collapsing in Unprecedented Numbers:

Due to the sharp increase in medical emergencies at games, in March 2022 the EFL (English Football League) told supporters to NOT alert the players in the event of a medical emergency in the crowd.

Then in August 2022, The Premier League introduced a new rule to NOT stop games for medical emergencies, so medical staff can “fulfil their duties without most people knowing anything” – UK Daily Star.

The following is a compilation of media reports from the past year or so, of fans collapsing in the stands at games (and often dying) due to a serious ‘medical emergency’.
This video includes short excerpts from the film ‘On the Record’ by Oracle Films ( featuring the Southhampton and England International legend Matt Le Tissier –
Matt Le Tissier played for 17 years at the top level, winning 8 caps for England. He is quoted as saying “In my career, I don’t remember a single game being halted because of an emergency in the crowd”.