How Many More Vax Injured/Deaths Does it Need for Everyone to Wake Up?

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Flight attendant dies of a heart attack while in the air: Gulf Air jet makes emergency landing while en route from Bahrain to Paris

Air steward Yasser Saleh Al Yazidi was taken ill on a Gulf Air flight last week. He suffered a heart attack at 34,000ft during a flight from Bahrain to Paris. Pilots diverted to airport in Iraq but Yasser sadly died before reaching hospital.

View the full article here and take a look at the comments—lots of people are now aware of the death jab.

‘Possibly’ Vaccine Damaged & Waiting To Die – Adam Rowland:

Adam Rowland MSc, was a Physiotherapist/Rehabilitator & C Trainer with St Helen’s Rugby Club. He has spent over 16 years in professional sport, working with the Military, PGA Tours and Ballet companies. After a recent medical procedure (we are not suggesting this proceadure is in anyway related), Adam’s career ended due to severe health disabilities. This is the first part from a full podcast featured on our Locals Social-Media platform. You can show your support for Adam by contacting him on Twitter and he will soon be setting up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page, for donations. (Chris Thrall/YT)

Daily Dose: ‘Recipe for Disaster’ Combo C19-Flu Vax – Dr. Peterson Pierre (GalacticStorm/Brighteon):

People want answers on excess deaths – Sky News On The Hour with Senator Rennick:

Yesterday I spoke to Sky news about excess deaths. All cause mortality is the gold standard indicator when it comes the safety of the vaccines. No ifs no buts. You would think the media would want to investigate wouldn’t you? To pretend excess deaths is not sending an alarming signal about the safety of the vaccines is just obfuscation plain and simple. (Senator Gerard Rennick/YT)

CDC Data Suggests ‘Myocarditis Could Be 2X Higher After Shots’ Compared to Virus Itself (Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov/YT):

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Injected Behaving As Though Lobotomized & The ICIC (NoVaxx/Brigtheon):

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