How Many Times Will They Cry ‘Wolf’? Fourth Booster Is Coming!

We are passed the third wolf cry, and yet, they are still trying to make us believe that the covid vaccines are necessary and that there’s some kind of science behind it all. Meanwhile, the death toll from the poisonous vaccine is rising:

Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”? Two years later it’s: “get your fourth booster shot, and everything will be fine…”. There will of course be a fifth, a sixth, a seventh… Did anyone tell the gullible that they are subscribed to this deadly ride, unless they end their subscription by saying NO?

Cool Aid [Pfizer] CEO Submitted Data For 4th Cool Aid [Covid Vaccine] (Tony Lin/YT):

NHS staff received the earliest boosters last September and they will become eligible for fourth doses six months on. This will be followed by care home residents and those aged over 75. The majority of those who qualify are expected to be invited during April.

The top-up doses may come at a crucial time as scientists believe a recent increase in Covid cases and hospitalisations could be linked to waning immunity. (View the full artcle on MSN: