‘I Am Increasingly Concerned and Alarmed at What Is Developing in Our World’ – Letter to MP

This letter was sent to us by a reader. He hopes it will inspire others to write to their MP.

For the attention of (…) MP, Lord, Lady, Baron, Bishop or other titled person


I am an ordinary constituent (an un-paid carer) living in (…). I have three grown up children and teenage grandchildren.
I am increasingly concerned and alarmed at what is developing in our world, country and in our own town.  With regard to the last year and a half in particular, I declare that we have been living in a dystopian society – our very own Orwellian nightmare.

My gut reaction to the ‘pandemic’ announcement was disbelief, scepticism and suspicion.  I do not believe that a true pandemic should have needed a dramatic announcement; if it were true, it would have been blatantly obvious to one and all.  For example, the Black Death back in the 14th Century where about 50% of people sadly lost their lives.

If indeed there was ever such a plague or dangerous virus to arrive in the UK today, people would be dropping like flies and the evidence of this in one’s own family and neighbourhood would be enough proof without the media bombarding us with selected information. In fact, if it was not for the global and local (The Champion Newspaper*) mainstream media’s portrayal of covid-19, I very much doubt that any of us  would have known that we were in grave danger of death and impending disaster from the ‘covid-19 flu’.  Did C. S Lewis Have some prophetic insight? I refer to his writing, “The Devil’s Letters to his Nephew”** The case for covid as the cause of the ‘pandemic’ is grossly overstated and many alternative scientific voices would say, worryingly incorrect.

*   https://www.champnews.com/papers/pdf/NS2520.pdf

Unfortunately, many gullible and un-informed people have watched the constant political pantomime via their television sets and smart phones and swallowed the mainstream narrative whole. This narrative with its carefully chosen scientists and ‘approved’ doctors has manipulated and manoeuvred the masses through constant brainwashing-type news bulletins and daily updates. This has created a PANIC-DEMIC and folk have been existing in irrational fear ever since. For example, a neighbour of mine is so scared that she gardens wearing a mask (a symbol of subjugation).  The net result of this claptrap is that many seem to have temporarily been persuaded to concede their God-given freedoms in the belief that it is for their own good and the good of others. This is very clever yet unethical manipulation engineered no doubt by the Godless globalists in their quest to realise a deeper and darker agenda which is waiting in the wings.
Of course, I do not deny that there is a virus, there are always viruses, every year thousands of people die of ordinary flu (which has miraculously disappeared since the arrival of covid-19) and to my knowledge, nobody has ever been all that interested in flu until now.  It has certainly not been considered newsworthy.
Furthermore, the plight of the NHS has been going on for decades but suddenly we are made to feel selfish should we need medical assistance for anything other than covid-related reasons and of course to receive endless covid jabs. We will only ever be as free as our latest booster: Anyone declining the booster will revert back to the status of the un-vaccinated. 
We are told to stay away, don’t bother the well-paid GPs.  Few can get past the receptionist to speak with their GP or see them.  And when did we start all this pseudo-concern for protecting the NHS?  We are chastisingly told to protect the NHS and there was me thinking that the NHS was created to protect us.
It seems that the NHS has suddenly, (despite long-term unsolvable funding and resource issues) got the means to operate as a ‘no-expenses spared big covid camp where mostly healthy (asymptomatic?) folk are endlessly tested for covid symptoms and where delivering ‘experimental vaccines’ with nazi-like vigour to us all whether we want it or not is the order of the day.  The latest concerns, ironically, despite advice to the contrary from the government’s chosen scientist’s, JCVI is the rollout of vaccinations to healthy children who have robust immune systems and incredible survival rates regarding covid-19. Alarm bells should be positively booming for anyone with half a brain and a moral compass at this unnecessary risky campaign.
Whatever ailments have come to the UK including Asian flu, the British public has risen to the challenge, soldiered on, reached for their natural remedies and relied on their God-given immune systems and the natural process of herd immunity and sweated it out without much ado or interaction with the NHS. And if these first aid measures should fail then there are existing drugs available to treat covid such as the award winning Ivermectin but of course it is not a new drug so does not yield the revenue that a novel vaccine does.
Never before covid-19 appeared have we been dramatically instructed to un-hygienically mask up, stay at home (at our own expense), cease normal activities, stop church-going, banned from travelling, stopped from  interacting freely with others, told to form a bubble, told to constantly subject ourselves to testing even if we are well. Get a jab. Repeat. What an absolute load of nonsense! What about our human rights?  Or are we being primed to accept life without them?
The Coronavirus Act 2020 has all but suspended our basic human rights. It has succeeded in causing mass confusion, segregation and harm to the mass populous with its unnecessary draconian measures as listed above. This doesn’t even touch on the cost of ‘covid’ via tax payer’s money and the knock on effects of the harsh measures to the general economy – the financial harm done to individuals, families and businesses. 
Many of us who have dared to question the government-approved science promoting the covid vaccine and the bumbled explanations around all issues covid have been branded as ‘anti-vaxxers’ and or conspiracy theorists.  Not that there is anything wrong with not wanting to be vaccinated: Historically, if a vaccine works then there has never been a need for a vaccinated citizen to fear a person who remains un-vaccinated. Why has that changed?
It is more than fair to say that the term vaccine has been somewhat hijacked when you consider the experimental nature of the covid jab. Is it not gene therapy disguised as a vaccine? As it turns out, the expensive vaccine doesn’t stop the recipient from getting covid or transmitting it, so what’s the point of it and what is the point of vaccine passports, or should I say ID passports it is surveillance gone mad and in my opinion has nothing to do with health or public wellbeing. We are creating a ‘them’ and ‘us’ society. Again, The New World Order looms in the wings.
As I was saying, when unvaccinated people decline the guileful vaccine, we have been subsequently harassed by NHS England to take it. This happens through numerous letters, e-mails, unwanted text messages that cannot be blocked.  Is this bullying not concerning?  If the vaccine is a personal choice, why is ‘no’ not taken for an answer? There are no satisfactory studies on the possible long-term harms from taking the covid-19 vaccine. Many eminent scientists and doctors have been hushed and censored when they have tried to posit alternative views and concerns about the covid vaccine’s efficacy.  From the onset, there has been a lack of transparency from the government: Where is the mainstream debate that allows people to have an opinion? And now certain groups of workers are threatened with mandates or the loss of their jobs. Coercion is not informed consent. Where will this medical tyranny end? Is it not against the Nuremberg Code (1947) to force people to take experimental medicines? One hears of depopulation agendas and it is not such a quantum leap to understand how people fear that the ‘vaccine’ is in fact being used as a bio-weapon: That in effect there is a silent genocide being attempted: A prelude to the implementation of the New World Order.
Not having easy access to any alternative scientific views around covid concerns to those being pushed by the mainstream media, many trusting souls have been obediently following instructions from their Prime Minister, GPs or NHS England or worse from their spiritual leaders to ‘do the right thing.’  These trusting people are unwittingly accepting the covid-19 vaccine only to become an unfortunate statistic: When is a good time to stop this vaccine rollout? The first rule of medicine is “First do no harm” – primum non nocere:
Given that so few people have even heard of the Yellow Card reporting scheme or have limited linguistic capacity to fill in the necessary forms, the vaccine harms statistics are likely grossly below the actual figure shown. Furthermore, should one be injured by the vaccine, there is a built in clause that relieves big pharmaceutical companies of any liability when harms occur. So, the vaccine is not even being backed by its creators, interesting but not very reassuring. I wonder what their profit margin is. What is becoming evident is that the so called vaccine is causing a lot of serious harm.
Unlike the supposed covid deaths, the vaccine harms’ statistics don’t make their way onto the mainstream stage, it’s not allowed. For example, when statistics and alternative views are posted on mainstream social media, they mysteriously disappear. Such censorship by Facebook, YouTube and Instagram surely does not align with democracy and free speech but there is a sinister connection to the ‘philanthropic’ Bill Gates and his quest to depopulate the world.  So many people have now realised through alternative media sources that the lucrative and dangerous links that exist between such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the BBC and other powers that be are at the very least a conflict of interests. 
It is becoming a well-known fact that many deaths attributed to covid-19 are in fact due to other medical reasons and or underlying/existing health issues but the manipulation of these statistics and the lack of post-mortems currently being carried out means that they are added to the covid death toll anyway. This results in falsifying the data and in turn this justifies keeping us all locked into the Coronavirus Act 2020. This is criminal and misleading to the general public and to the government ministers who are or should be working for the people. This reporting pattern is also happening globally which is very concerning. 
I have not room here to expand on the other matters that are linked to the world’s obsession with jabbing everyone such as the installation of the dangerous 5G and the godless globalists plans for humanity ie transhumanism.  You would be forgiven for thinking that I had plucked these technofacist ideas straight from a Frankenstein horror film or a West World film if it was not for the fact that it is tucked away on the UK government’s website.  The possibilities of being subjected to forced mandates re the covid-19 vaccine already frightens many of us who have decided that we do not want it, but if transhumanism becomes a thing there are technological abilities through genetic engineering that could see brain computer interfaces implanted into humans: In other words a merging of a human being with mechanics. I personally have no desire to become a robot and would strongly suggest that just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. I fear that world governments under the spell of the dangerous globalists are planning to replace God and the Christian values that feed democracy: China has shown the world how that pans out. Surely a step too far for mankind but with our Prime Minister recently confirming that we will not be returning back to normal, I fear the worst. Please find references throughout and below for your convenience.
A handful of further recommended reading and resources:
Thanks for reading my concerns.
The only way to stop the New World Order is for us ALL to stand against global tyranny. It is the best strategy and regular prayer.
I have my faith and will be praying.
I urge you to ‘do the right thing.’
Yours faithfully,