I Believe We Reside in an Open Prison

An essay reflecting the past two years, by Cherry Hughes 

Life in HMP Great Britain.

I make no excuses, nor do I offer any apology, for stating what I know to be true, the truth of what is taking place now, in almost all countries of the world. Here, I share my personal experience of the current situation within the United Kingdom wherein, I believe we reside in an open prison and are internally exiled.

I have experienced in the last two years, what being in an open prison looks and feels like.

How can I state this?

Because it is what every fibre of my being tells me, it is what every twinge of my gut tells me, and it is what I observe all around me.

This Government’s agenda is not a secret, it is overt and languishes in plain sight, dripping insincerity and lies into the minds of the masses. The media, government officials and commentators, don’t even try to hide their deception at this point.

They have captured us, and they will afford us no apology, no solace and no hope. They give no quarter, regardless of your personal situation or experience. Your personal circumstance is of no consequence to them, you are irrelevant.

They announce the next stage of their evil plan, and expect total acceptance; No, not expect, demand compliance, total compliance.

Intermittently, they will offer you a morsel of hope, then, when it suits their agenda, they callously snatch it away.
From the masses, there is no rebellion; because those in charge effectively impose compliance via the application of threats and fear. They conceal any rebellion, dissent or questioning of the narrative, with active censorship, and by the clever way they have recruited docile members of the public who do their censorship for them, in order to curtail any ‘misinformation ‘.

They place adverts and billboards ordering us to ‘look in the eyes’ of the victims of the most deadly pandemic ever experienced in modern history.
If you object, or question, you are selfish and uncaring, you are the enemy, the threat, YOU, are the virus.
So the lies and propaganda are absorbed and ingested by the public, like spellbound and bewildered children.
The endless mantra, ‘Save the NHS’, ‘Save lives’, ‘’we’re not safe until we’re all safe’ and so on and so on and so on…

Collectively, we have failed to follow the very advice we were always advised to hold dear; that we should never accept what we are told without question; that we should interrogate received information and have access to the arguments for and against the proposition. We have a fundamental right to understand where this particular piece of information sits within what we already know to be true, and, more importantly, what the consequences could be of changing this paradigm.
Until this has been done, there is no credible or logical basis for changing any current practice or belief.

However, in 2020, all of that changed. Now it is treason to question the narrative, it is disrespectful, it is unscientific, and the most laughable of all, it is apparently selfish.

Be under no illusion, they have not finished wreaking havoc yet. There is so much more destruction to be wrought.

And make no mistake, while they have the public shuffling around, waiting for their daily dose of formulaic drivel from the mainstream media, they are under no obligation to desist.

They gauge their continuing success by observing the minions, who proudly display their compliance, wear their masks with pride and perform their pathetic ritualistic hand cleansing before they enter any public space. Those who have been completely lobotomized, sit alone in the open air, or their cars, replete with face covering. They have no idea why they need to do this, but they can congratulate themselves that they are saving lives, somewhere.

This is why I know that we are living in an open prison. We have the illusion of freedom, but that is exactly what it is, an illusion. We, who are not the ‘elite’, cannot travel abroad without hysterical and nonsensical rules and regulations, holiday costs are inflated due to the added cost of testing, extra documentation, and the addition of having to prove your health status to allow you to travel. And the knowledge that, at any moment, the rules may change.

If we comply, the outcome is OUR FAULT.

We are informed that ‘the non-conformers and the selfish’, will, sooner or later, be ‘shut out of society’, and the cry will be ‘good riddance’, because those who question ‘the science’ threaten to derail the plan.

The NHS hasn’t the time, capacity, or will, to deliver anything approaching fair or equitable care, and as an institution, they chose to wantonly abandon large sections of the population, to concentrate all resources on one health condition.

So the answer is very clear, RESIST, RESIST, RESIST. They are in total disbelief that there is still pushback from those of us who have independent thought, and

Keep them scared. Otherwise, accept your incarceration.

With love to you all.

The White Rose - Hyde Park