I Fear Things Will Only Get Worse Before They Get Better

By Douglas Brodie

This is a brief follow-up to my email of 2nd July (except that it has turned out not so brief because of new developments) to let you know that it was very well received by the alternative media. It is now posted on three online sites: Joel Smalley’s Substack, Principia Scientific International and The White Rose

Joel’s substack has 10,000 subscribers which means he relayed my email to about 100 times as many people as are on my own email Bcc list. The proprietor of Principia Scientific International tells me that his site has a global readership of over 4 million each month. 

I would like to thank the proprietors of these sites for their support and their great efforts in fighting establishment tyranny. 

I can’t help wondering if my emails, copied Bcc to the Conservative 1922 Committee, could have contributed in some way to the decapitation of Boris Johnson. It is depressing that he was ousted on the pretext of soap opera trivia when not one word has been mentioned that he has been charged with crimes against humanity at the ICC in The Hague along with Matt Hancock, Sajid Javid, Chris Whitty, June Raine (MHRA) and others. Not one Westminster politician has made any kind of stand against the plain-as-day globalist conspiracy and crimes against humanity being committed through the ongoing, evolving Covid‑19 “plandemic” and WEF “Great Reset”.

My worry is that Johnson’s replacement could be even more of an undemocratic globalist WEF fanatic, e.g. Rishi Sunak or Jeremy Hunt. It is unbelievable that child-killer Javid is being talked of as a suitable successor. The only untainted replacement I can see is Lord David Frost. Sadly he isn’t a candidate, but is open to persuasion. Too bad the young lady in this short video can’t be involved, or David Kurten

At least the new health secretary Steve Barclay has no obvious links to the WEF. He has already been served with a letter from 100  health experts calling on him to pause the Covid vaccines for healthy children pending a thorough safety review. Will he abandon the pointless and dangerous vaccination programme (5th jabs due soon), debunked in this landmark Joel Smalley post, and the WEF-mandated NHS Pass/digital ID agenda? Will he lift the cruel ban on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which has led to so many preventable Covid deaths? 

I feel the need to repeat why I persist in my thankless campaign. My colleague Ivor Cummins explains it in this short video with a preamble by Dr Mattias Desmet on “mass formation” or hypnosis. I persist because I can see that we are being criminally abused by our traitorous political class who are pursuing a “hidden in plain sight” globally-coordinated “plandemic” for their covert ulterior motive. I also see that most of the general public are not even aware of this because they have been subliminally hypnotised, because our brazen, self-serving politicians lie all the time and because most people rely on the MSM for their news without realising how corrupt it is. 

It seems to be my fate to be more immune to propaganda than most, like the East Germans I referred to in my last email who are propaganda-resistant from decades of living under totalitarian oppression. In my case, it comes from years of campaigning against the junk science propaganda of the climate change scam which I debunked in my last email. The one good thing about Covid is that the “plandemic” has exposed the evil Malthusian agenda behind the previously-unfathomable lunacy of Net Zero. Watch the video in this article by Sky News Australia (pleasingly non-woke, unlike Sky News UK) endorsing my conclusions and showing how “useful idiot” WEF pupet politicians the world over have caused a cataclysmic energy crisis, with UK domestic energy bills set to soar to over £3,300

All the years I spent arguing over technical details trying to persuade our “useful idiot” politicians to see sense were a total waste of effort. The climate change scam finally makes sense when you accept it has nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with a supra-governmental Malthusian agenda of de-industrialisation and de-population, a long-term plan of attack relative to the quick-fire Covid “plandemic” attack. Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues have done a brilliant job of joining all the dots to expose this reality. 

In my last email I omitted to mention how Northern Ireland is threatened with losing one million cattle and sheep to meet the lunatic Net Zero targets. The relevance of this is that farmers and their supporters all around the world have recently started massive protests against the lunacy that is being imposed on them. The Dutch government is particularly despotic, happy to trash Holland’s status as one of the biggest food exporters in the world (who knew?) because it wants to clear huge tracts of farmland to make way for a WEF-inspired giant smart city. Trudeau is planning to decimate Canadian farming on the same flimsy pretext. Needless to say, news on these protests has mostly been suppressed by the corrupt MSM, just as they suppressed news on earlier Covid protests. 

Examples of some of these protests are: Holland here, here, here, here, here and here; Germany here; Poland here; Italy here and here; Balkans here; Albania here; Argentina here; Kenya here and Sri Lanka here, here and here. This is clear evidence of “Great Reset” global coordination to cause deliberate food shortages. The US authorities are busy stoking the crisis: Biden has sold emergency reserves of oil to China, a possibly impeachable malfeasance, while California is planning to force 70,000 truckers off the roads. 

The opening segment of this UK Column report summarises the swath of unlawful, deliberately open-ended laws being pushed through parliament to allow our fascist state to more easily suppress, control, indoctrinate and punish the general public: Online Safety Bill, National Security Bill, Police Crimes Court Sentencing Act, Public Order Bill, Election Act, Judicial Review Bill, New British Bill of Rights and others. 

This leads into how the Dutch authorities are also pushing through unlawful measures to suppress their people and how the Dutch police have used firearms to suppress the Dutch farmers. Look what happened to the renegade Japanese prime minister and presidents of Tanzania and Burundi. The people behind this are evil and their skulduggeries are so blatant as to show that they are just toying with us. 

Faced with a politically-engineered unholy trinity of “pestilence, war and famine”, I fear things will only get worse before they get better (if ever). There is still the massive problem of unsustainable global debt to be tackled. According to this testimony, the main purpose of the Covid “plandemic” is to achieve “a controlled demolition of our political and economic system” to create a totally undemocratic, dystopian New World Order in which those at the top retain their power and wealth while the rest of humanity is reduced to serfdom. I fear the global establishment will intensify their tyranny because they are terrified that we, the vast majority, will rise up against them, the tiny minority. 

I foresee the day when you will have to present your “fully-vaccinated” and unblemished “social credit” credentials to access essential services such as: the NHS (ref. the NHS Pass), public transport (as in fascist Canada), to operate your bank account (supporters of protesting Canadian truckers had their bank accounts frozen), to buy food in a supermarket, to fill up with petrol, … 

They could enforce this by making it conditional on taking a pointless, life-shortening jab every 9 months as planned by fascist Canada, complying with lockdown regulations and quarantine tagging, installing a smart meter, limiting your travel, limiting your meat-eating, not attending any anti-government protests (face recognition is in use in fascist Australia), not posting any anti-government emails, … 

Wake up, before it’s too late!

To end on a positive note, the establishment’s fraudulent “safe and effective” Covid vaccines narrative is falling apart as analysed by Dr Steve Kirsch who gives a long list of damning reasons why this is so. Will new health secretary Steve Barclay be the first to admit the truth?

The government’s bonkers Net Zero plan (see Absolute-Zero-online):Net Zero 2050 UK