‘I Stand With Dr Sucharit Bhakdi’

By Margaret Anna Alice

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“Where there’s no danger, there’s no courage.… Anyone can ‘endure’ security and well-being. The real challenges—the ones that force our endurance to grow from mere perseverance into true courage—arise in the face of hazard.

“So it is with moral courage, where danger is endured for the sake of an overarching commitment to conscience, principles, or core values.”

—Rushworth Kidder, Moral Courage (Kindle, paperback, hardcover)

Flanked by an entourage of stuffed animals that included a pig, puppy, monkey, and panda, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi expounded:

“There are three things that bring people together, and those are what we must try to strive for. Mettā karuṇā in Thai means compassion, being with each other. Muditā means being able to be happy for each other. If you are doing well, I am happy for you. Upekkhā means staying in the middle, never seeking the extremes. All these three things are lost.”

The earnest, soft-spoken Buddhist sat on his couch with desert motif pillows, his left leg tucked under his right, during an interview with Kai Stuht that was later to become the source for an “incitement of the masses” criminal charge by the lower court in Plön, Germany.

Thus commenced Dr. Bhakdi’s Kafkaesque Trial as he slid into the shoes of Josef K.:

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

In the statement that prompted Dr. Elio Adler, Klaus Baumann, and Sigmount Königsberg to each file criminal complaints against him on July 14, 2021, Dr. Bhakdi observed:

“This coercion is being exercised, it’s being exercised in Israel, it’s being exercised in many countries, it’s already coming from them. And if you are not careful, it comes here so fast, so fast that you don’t know what hit you, faster than lightning. And if you are so indolent and don’t stand up and say, ‘No, you won’t do this with us,’ then it’s over for you, and then you won’t have the possibility to flee. Israel, the Israelis, can no longer flee. The country is closed. That’s what will happen here. And I was once asked by an American what I have to say about Israel. I said, for me, the Israelis, this people I admired more than any other people in the world—I was an admirer of Jews. Yes, you know I’m a music lover, an art lover. The greatest spirits were the Jews. I’m sorry to say that, yes, I’m sorry. I’m Buddhist.…

“I adored them. I am, you have seen my record collection. I went after these Jewish musicians to get a signature from them. Isaac Stern, David Oistrakh, yes, hundreds of kilometers I traveled to hear them, to get their autograph. I adored them, and now they’re doing this. They, the people who fled this country, this land where the arch evil was, and founded their country, have turned their own country into something even worse than Germany was. So inconceivable. And then I told the Americans, that’s the bad thing about the Jews, they learn well. There is no people who learn better than they do. But they have learned and implemented evil now. And that’s why Israel is now Living Hell. And I told the Americans, and if you don’t watch out, America will be Living Hell, too, and I’m telling you now, your country will be turned into Living Hell if you don’t rise up soon.”

At that particular moment—April 2021—all eyes were on Israel because it had the fastest mass injection rate in the world, so its citizens were among the first to experience adverse events, signaling the injuries to come for future experimental subjects.

Having signed a ten-year nondisclosure agreement with Pfizer, the State of Israel had demonstrated its allegiance to Pfizer over people, endangering not only Israeli citizens but the rest of the world by concealing potentially life-saving data. Indeed, Israel was later found to have covered up evidence of:

  1. Serious side-effects of unknown duration, perhaps irreparable
  2. Causality: these were not just “coincidences”
  3. Government corruption to hide these harms
  4. Correlation between vaccine doses and deaths from multiple independent studies on multiple independent datasets


Dr. Bhakdi’s concerns for the Israeli people’s victimization by its own government turned out to be well-founded, as the Testimonies Project featuring Israelis who suffered injuries and losses from its aggressive injection program documents:

The charge of “incitement of the masses” was dropped on November 1, 2021, due to “lack of merit,” but this reprieve was not to last long.

As the character of the priest warns Josef K.:

“‘When you are acquitted in this sense, it means the charge against you is dropped for the moment but continues to hover over you, and can be reinstated the moment an order comes from above.’”

Describing this perpetual torment of the accused, Jews for Justice Founder Andrew Barr told me, “The punishment is the process.”

Adler threatened to appeal the decision on November 19, and Königsberg filed a complaint against the dismissal on November 24. That same day, the chief public prosecutor’s office of the province of Schleswig-Holstein reopened the investigation, taking over the case from the Kiel public prosecutor’s office.

Five days later, the attorney general “decided to take over the proceedings in view of the importance of consistently prosecuting anti-Semitic crimes.”

As Josef K. posits:

“‘There can be no doubt that behind all the pronouncements of this court, and in my case, behind the arrest and today’s inquiry, there exists an extensive organization. An organization that not only engages corrupt guards, inane inspectors, and examining magistrates who are at best mediocre, but that supports as well a system of judges of all ranks, including the highest, with their inevitable innumerable entourage of assistants, scribes, gendarmes, and other aides, perhaps even hangmen, I won’t shy away from the word. And the purpose of this extensive organization, gentlemen? It consists of arresting innocent people and introducing senseless proceedings against them, which for the most part, as in my case, go nowhere. Given the senselessness of the whole affair, how could the bureaucracy avoid becoming entirely corrupt?’”

On September 24, 2021, at 5 pm, Dr. Bhakdi addressed a couple hundred people on Rathausplatz in Kiel, uttering the words that were to result in a new criminal charge of “trivialization or belittlement of the Holocaust” after Sebastian Willing filed a complaint on January 3, 2022.

During his speech, Dr. Bhakdi admonished:

“About one third of the population knows why these crises were constructively invented and lied about. The targets lay dormant for decades inside the earth. Now they are bursting forth like dancing devils, and the tsunami is rolling towards us. The downfall can hardly be stopped because the rest of society is completely oblivious to the danger. It wants no part of the master plan. It is perfectly contrived. How frightening. Already the world’s elite have managed to inject over 1 billion doses of the genetically adept substance into humans who are unaware. After all, it is my own hobby that is being abused for an incredibly evil purpose. All I know is that if we fail, there is only one tiny remaining chance to escape impending doom. We must try to reach those who are still responsive. It is clear to all those who know that with the formal approval of the vaccines, the first milestone of the agenda has been reached and the race is on to achieve the end goal. This end goal is the creation of the new reality and involves nothing less than the second Holocaust, the abolition of humanity in its present form. The mass media are spreading fear and panic.”

Like Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav—herself unironically accused of trivializing the Holocaust by drawing comparisons with the present-day democide during her Nuremberg Code seventy-fifth anniversary speech—Dr. Bhakdi committed the cardinal sin of pointing out that Never Again is happening again.

The Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate recipient, the emeritus professor who had chaired the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz’s Institute of Medical Microbiology & Hygiene for twenty-two years until his retirement in 2012 and served as editor-in-chief of Medical Microbiology & Immunology for the same period, the internationally renowned scholar who had once been invited to speak in the hallowed halls of the Royal Society of London with such distinguished predecessors as Newton and Einstein was now a persona non grata.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Speaking

In his notorious Kai Stuht interview, Die Hölle auf Erden (“Hell on Earth”), Dr. Bhakdi lamented:

“I was asked to resign from my own society, which I belonged to for almost forty years, the German Society for Hygiene & Microbiology.”

This exchange between the priest and Josef K. reflects this assumed-guilty circular logic:

“‘… your guilt is assumed proved.’ ‘But I’m not guilty,’ said K. ‘It’s a mistake. How can any person in general be guilty? We’re all human after all, each and every one of us.’ ‘That’s right,’ said the priest, ‘but that’s how guilty people always talk.’”

Those who exhibit the moral courage to condemn contemporary fascism and depopulation are targeted for harassment and defamation by the propagandists, colluders, and governments committing the very crimes they are exposing—as the martyrdom of Clemens Arvay evinces.

A microbiologist, infectiologist, and immunologist with 381 publications on immunology, bacteriology, virology, and parasitology to his name, Dr. Bhakdi and his wife, biochemist and molecular biologist Dr. Karina Reiss, were among the earliest scientists to rebut the falsehoods being propagated about COVID.

His March 26, 2020, letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel urged her to reconsider “the far-reaching restrictions on public life” in response to COVID, posing five pivotal questions related to statistics, dangerousness, dissemination, mortality, and comparability.

In an interview published on March 28, 2020, Dr. Bhakdi identified the fear-mongering lies and deceptive practices used to exaggerate the threat of COVID and justify “grotesque, absurd, and very dangerous” policies, which he rightly predicted would have a catastrophic impact on both individual and societal health:

“All of these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide because of nothing but a spook.”

In October 2020, Chelsea Green published the couple’s book, Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures, which has earned a 4.7 rating from nearly 3,000 Amazon reviewers to date—an impressive feat given the highly politicized topic.

Several months later, Dr. Bhakdi helped found Doctors for COVID Ethics, which began as a series of letters to the European Medicines Agency cosigned by hundreds of doctors and scientists from more than thirty countries.

The effort launched with a February 28, 2021, letter warning of the “wide range of side effects … being reported following vaccination of previously healthy younger individuals with the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines” and demanding the withdrawal of “approval for use of the gene-based vaccines.”

Dr. Bhakdi spoke about this seminal letter in his March 29, 2021, Perspectives on the Pandemic interview, noting:

“We were concerned that the dangers of thrombosis, clot formation, intravascular clot formation, had not been sufficiently addressed by the EMA, and we asked them to supply evidence that this danger of clot formation had been considered.”

The interview concludes with his plea to “quit fighting each other,” describing the injection of children and now infants as “criminal”:

“I hope you realize that this is criminal. That you are endangering your own children. How can you? How can you do this?”

Published in January 2021, Dr. Bhakdi’s first Planet Lockdown interview can be encapsulated in his halcyon summons to, “Start thinking, and stop believing.”

This was followed by a second Planet Lockdown interview in May 2021 in which he shares new scientific findings validating the anticipated health risks of masking and the injections.

As the father of a young boy, Dr. Bhakdi is particularly anguished by the violation of children occurring in the name of “public health.” He plaintively asks:

“Children have died of the vaccination. How can any civilized nation allow this to happen? … It’s barbaric, and it’s inhuman, and it’s unethical, and it’s criminal.”

Recognizing the importance of diagnosing clots before they become fatal and documenting evidence of causality, Dr. Bhakdi calls on ophthalmologists to check the retinas of the vaccinated for thrombi:

“The eye doctors are the only doctors that look right at the thrombi.… The ophthalmologists of the world: You can do it. You can show us. All you have to do is look into the eyes of people who have been vaccinated.… Look at the vessels in the eye, photograph them, document them, collect them.”

In December 2021, Dr. Bhakdi and pathologist Arne Burkhardt, MD, published On COVID Vaccines: Why They Cannot Work, and Irrefutable Evidence of Their Causative Role in Deaths After Vaccination. Autopsies of recently vaccinated patients revealed that 93 percent of the deaths were caused by the injections. Vascular and Organ Damage Induced by mRNA Vaccines: Irrefutable Proof of Causality, an August 2022 piece coauthored with Michael Palmer, MD, further corroborated these conclusions.

In the August 2021 post Shots and Shingles: What Do They Tell Us?, he and his Doctors for Ethics colleagues predicted the eruption of cancer, autoimmune illness, shingles, and other diseases we are now witnessing in unprecedented numbers—an outcome that came as absolutely no surprise to anyone who possesses even a rudimentary understanding of the immune system.

When you introduce an agent that teaches your immune cells to manufacture a non-native protein (in this case, the toxic spike protein), those cells are now identified as a foreign threat, which our vigilant killer T cell lymphocytes naturally attack.

This perfect storm results in the destruction of life-saving lymphocytes, without which our bodies become susceptible to raging cancer, autoimmune diseases, and dormant infections such as tuberculosis:

“Death of dendritic cells and lymphocytes lead to slackening of immunological control that we anticipate extends to tumor surveillance and to dormant infections other than VZV. Prominent amongst the latter are EBV, CMV and also toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis.”

In the March 14, 2022, World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting, Dr. Bhakdi showed how nonwestern nations are leading the charge in saying “NO!” to Pfizer and mRNA injections:

“You know that India has said no to Pfizer-BioNTech? That’s one fourth of the world population. You know that China’s not going to use it. That’s another fourth. You know that Africa’s on the start to say no. In the end, the only countries that are going to be using it are the Western countries, the countries of the first world. And they’re going to start killing their own people.”

During the 2022 Better Way Conference, Dr. Bhakdi delivered an impassioned presentation explaining why all mRNA vaccines are treacherous, coming on the heels of the WHO’s promotion of mRNA as the future of vaccines. He concludes:

“Every (!) injected mRNA ‘vaccine’ will cause severe damage in our body and must be forbidden.”

Even as he faces the prospect of two years in prison and a fine, Dr. Bhakdi continues his relentless crusade for humanity.

Most recently, he and Dr. Palmer spoke with Dr. Meryl Nass about their findings, explaining why the injections are so fraught with hazards.

Dr. Bhakdi has been advising the Thai Royal family after Thailand’s Princess Bajrakitiyabha fell into a coma twenty-three days after her booster shot.

He has even taken on the formidable totalitarian threat posed by digital currency and passports by launching the #MyDataMyChoice campaign.

Dr. Bhakdi has harnessed all of his being to fight for us. Now it’s time for us to fight for him.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at 9:00 am at Amtsgericht Plön in Germany, Dr. Bhakdi will stand trial for incitement of the masses and trivialization of the Holocaust.

May the priest’s words to Josef K. remain fiction in the case of Dr. Bhakdi:

“‘The judgment isn’t simply delivered at some point; the proceedings gradually merge into the judgment.’”

Countless have already rallied to support Dr. Bhakdi during this tribulation. When attendees of a community event discovered he and his wife were in attendance, they delivered a spontaneous standing ovation:

We for Humanity, one of the Jewish groups that cowrote the Open Letter in Commemoration of Clemens Arvay I was granted the honor of publishing, wrote an Open Letter to the Media from Holocaust Survivors and Descendants with thirty-three signatories that reads in part:

“After the shocking news reached us that the state-funded media has accused Professor Sucharit Bhakdi of being an anti-Semite, we decided to write this letter. We stand behind Professor Bhakdi because he speaks the truth.

“You, the media, have lied to the people for years by preaching false lessons from the Holocaust.…

“The lesson of the Holocaust is that you must not stand by and participate when a minority is persecuted. They have instrumentalized the Holocaust for the opposite: to deprive people of the will to stand up against injustice. And in this godless way you have prepared and are in the process of implementing a new Holocaust.

“We expressly warn that another holocaust is unfolding, only bigger and more sophisticated. The brutality with which you fight, deny, hurt and humiliate the opposition, both verbally and physically, serves to suppress the truth. Destroyed livelihoods, apartment searches, occupational bans, forced referrals to psychiatric hospitals and worse—this could be the story from our lives, but this is the reality we observe in Germany.

“We will not be silenced.”

Dr. Bhakdi, sadly, is not alone in his plight. Other dissidents have been maliciously maligned as “anti-semites” or accused of relativizing the Holocaust for trying to stop the Never Again unfolding before our bloodshot eyes.

With characteristic humility and compassion, Dr. Bhakdi told me in an email, “I am only one of many.”

Again, I am reminded of the words of Joseph K.:

“What has happened to me is merely a single case and as such of no particular consequence, since I don’t take it very seriously, but it is typical of the proceedings being brought against many people. I speak for them, not for myself.”

It is time for us to speak for Sucharit. Together, let us practice Mettā Karuṇā, Muditā, and Upekkhā.