If the Covid Vaccines Really Worked, You’d Only Need One Shot

By Steve Kirsch

I’ve pointed out in previous posts that the covid vaccines aren’t suitable for anyone; they are neither safe nor effective: they kill more people than they save, and vaccine efficacy goes negative after 90 days making you more likely to be infected.

Here’s another obvious telltale sign that we are being sold a solution that fundamentally doesn’t work as expected.

The whole point of a vaccine is to expose your body to a disabled pathogen so that your body can learn how to attack it so that the next time it sees it, it can mount an attack much faster.

When you get naturally infected, your immunity is basically one and done. In fact, recent data shows that as time goes on, your immunity gets better over time, not worse (the line slopes upward).

The fact that multiple doses of the covid vaccine are required is a crystal clear indication that the vaccine isn’t working properly.

If natural infection gives you long-lived or lifetime immunity, so should this vaccine. If it doesn’t, you should rethink getting injected.

Now you have one more reason to avoid the jab.

(Originally posted in a newsletter by Steve Kirsch: https://substack.com/profile/40661664-steve-kirsch)

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