‘If Your Life Depends on a Vial of Vaccine Then You Are Beholden to Whoever Supplies It’

Here are excerpts from two letters written by Dr Julia Spivack and sent to the Chief Constable Bedfordshire Police and Jeremy Vine (Channel 5 TV). She has kindly recommended that we publish them here.

The one-hour video “David E Martin testifies at Corona Inquiry” (see below) describes how Covid global panic was falsely generated by mass media to create “investment opportunities”. There was no singular entity identifiable as a “coronavirus” but patents were obtained for hundreds of gene sequences for a protein that would cause inflammation in human lung epithelium. The NHS kills 250,000 people every year from iatrogenic illness but there is no panic over that!

Covid isn’t going away because its a fabulous cash cow for Big Pharma and parliamentarians. I refuse to cooperate with this global lie and go about in a mask muzzled like a dog while No.10 are partying. They are partying because they know there is no risk from “corona virus”.

Before the No.10 party revelations I was compliant with covid rules to be considerate to others who are frightened but if government is not abiding by these rules then why should I?

Dr Julia Spivack Bsc(Hons), DO, MSCC, MICO, Dip Hom, MSc(Ayur), BSc(Hons)(Hom)


Backup video:

You can download The Fauci Covid-19 Dossier here: The Fauci Covid-19 Dossier.pdf

(From the letter addressed to Jeremy Vine—forwarded to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock):

On Wednesday 16 June you asked the question “Should we sack care home staff who refuse jab?” which prompted many to phone in agreement. Therefore, we are well on the way to an apartheid society that excludes those who don’t worship at the Church of Big Pharma.

So who’s next to get the sack if they refuse the vaccine—hairdressers, hospitality staff, school teachers, shopkeepers, librarians – then everybody who comes into contact with people at all?

Then on Thursday 17 June 2021 you asked the question “Should we lift lockdown for the double-jabbed (fully vaccinated)?”
On Monday 21 June you asked the question “Should we bring Freedom Day forward?” Guests on the show were journalists Nina Myskow and Dawn Neesom. About 7 minutes into the show Nina Myskow (wearing bright pink) said “… just have to wait until everyone has been jabbed” and “…until all people have had both jabs”. Then after the first lot of adverts Nina Myskow said “having antibodies does not equal immunity” followed shortly after with “so you need to get all the people who have not been vaccinated”.

Dawn Neesom said “the [covid] vaccine is up to 96% effective … there will always be deaths … we will
never get full immunity” then Nina chimed in “eventually with the vaccine we will get that [full immunity]”.

About 20 minutes into the show Emma from North Yorkshire who phoned in said “to be honest I wouldn’t know anything about covid if it wasn’t for the government and the media” suggesting the whole thing is hyped up out of all proportion.

So if the purpose of a vaccine is to create antibodies to provide “full immunity” but having antibodies does not equal immunity then how does a vaccine provide immunity? What other way can a vaccine work to provide immunity if not through antibodies? And if its up to only 96% effective and not 100% then how does it achieve “full immunity”? (…)

I assert the right as a free human being to make my own informed choices. For me the coronavirus “vaccine” is not a road map to freedom but an irreversible step over a precipice into a bottomless abyss of enslavement and gradual cyborgisation. There will be a never ending series of new covid variants, strains and mutations requiring more and more “vaccines” and boosters.

My body was created by God, it is not public property. When I pass over from this world I will be judged by God and not Boris Johnson or Pfizer or Angela Espstein or anyone on this Earth. I am not a statistic. I am not like “everyone”, I am me. Therein lies my Absolute Sovereignty. If I live my life according to Gods’s laws that  automatically ensures that I do not trespass against anyone else. My duty to my fellow man does not extend to being injected with toxic material.

If your life depends on a bottle of pills or a vial of vaccine then you are beholden to whoever supplies it.
To be held to ransom for one’s freedom unless one play Russian roulette with one’s life can only be the machinations of evil minds—the same evil minds that label as mentally ill an osteopath who acts to save a life.

As someone who trained, qualified and practised as an osteopath for 10 years although not allowed to call myself an osteopath because the State stole the name Osteopath and misappropriated it to something that is not osteopathy. I live by the tenets of Osteopathy among which is a stance against drugs and vaccination. Is the Government trying to stop Jews living according to the Torah or stop Muslims living according to the Q’ran or stop Jehovah’s Witnesses refusing blood transfusions?

The persecution of osteopaths constitutes racial and religious persecution. The establishment in this country continues to be as racist as it has ever been. The UK claims to be a tolerant “multicultural” society, but pluralism in medicine has been eradicated. The “multicultural society” is another scam to subdue all races, ethnicities and cultures to the global agenda.

The word vaccination derives from the Latin word vacca which means cow. There is no etymological relationship with the concept of immunity. I am not an animal with cloven feet, I do not chew the cud and I do not live in a herd or follow blindly in a stampede.

Vaccine Passports and covid status certificates bear an uncanny resemblance to the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13. Receiving the “vaccine” represents to me a declaration of allegiance to a false authority that is not of God. (…)

I don’t believe vaccines provide immunity. Immunity is a spiritual vibrational state of the tissues resulting from connection with God.

Antibody titre does not equal immunity or health. The intelligence of the body has discriminating ability to decide what is foreign and there are many layers of barriers before a potential pathogen can penetrate systemically. Because the “vaccine” is injected into the body it bypasses these barriers and so overrides the body’s discriminating function.

The “vaccine” injection introduces a toxic cocktail directly into the body designed to coerce the body to make antibodies regardless of whether the body is ready for this. For some people it is too much of a shock.
In short, I just don’t worship at the Church of Big Pharma. I am not “anti-vax” nor any kind of activist nor am I  against the pharmaceutical industry in any way—I am for freedom of choice—I am against compulsory vaccination.

On Saturday 27 February 2021 the Daily Mail front page and a 4-page special reported that deaths were falsely recorded as due to covid.
On 23 March 2021 it was announced that covid had claimed the lives of 126,000 Britons. Many years ago a patient of mine who was chief executive of an NHS Primary Care Trust casually told me the NHS kills 250,000 people every year due to iatrogenic illness.

The Government has made it clear that it will not make vaccination compulsory, but it doesn’t need to because it has people like you to wind up a frightened and gullible population.

An additional comment by a reader:

In the article it is stated the ‘vaccine’ is 96% effective. It does not rebut with the fact that this is a misleading statistic propagated by big pharma to convince the public of it’s falsely claimed efficacy.

The reality is far different when real virology is applied. According to the pharmacological liars own data, all the so-called vaccines have about a 1% efficacy.

The statistic the public was allowed to see was the RRR, or Relative Risk Reduction, which is basically a useless number. What they weren’t shown is the ARR, or Absolute Risk Reduction, which is the real amount of protection offered. Pfizer is the worst at 0.87% ARR.

No wonder they quietly claim the jab doesn’t prevent the acquisition or dissemination of anything.

As well, nobody mentions the elephant in the room. From the very start, it is known the PCR test, (according to inventor himself!) is not capable of detecting any illness. In fact, because of misuse-excessive cycle thresholds—“one can find anything, in anybody”.

The deception is obvious. Covid, and its ‘variants’ (which the CDC admits cannot be determined by PCR testing), are purely fiction.