Incoherent Vaccine Policy

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:26 –

07.48 – The MSM Reports The Vaccine ADR Which The UK Column Were Banned For Reporting A Year Ago

09:13 – New Zealand Leader Admits Her Apartheid Policy

12:32 – The Lockdowns Which Caused The Problem Are The Solution To the Problem According To Scottish Medical Experts

16:01 – Labour Leader Advocates A Dictatorship To “Keep Us Safe.”

19:13 – Manchester Head Teacher Admits That 14 Children Are Sick With Vaccine ADR’s 

24:15 – Are We Going Back Into Lockdown?

26:11 – To Save The Planet We Must Die

28:48 – GB News Neil Oliver’s Monologues Shine 

34:21 – Apparently There Is A Climate Emergency In Devon And A Member’s Club Who Will Save It

50:40 – Bill Gates Chats With Boris Johnson

53:51  – Neil Bush Utterly Hypocritical OECD Speech

01:05:24 – The Inflation Machine

01:17:43 – Music Video Of the Week