Inflation Isn’t Going Away – It’s Going to Get Worse

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Inflation isn’t going away despite all the promises from central banks and politicians. They aren’t even trying to get rid of inflation and they will lie, lie and lie again – hiding the truth in every conceivable way. The real inflation figures are being fiddled (the Government’s official figures for inflation don’t include the cost of items such as housing, food, fuel and heating) and even though real inflation is going up they’ll tell you it is going down.

The problem is that governments and central bankers are terrified of deflation because deflation means that money becomes more valuable. Government debts (which are huge) will grow if there is deflation.

So they need inflation (which means that money becomes less valuable) to help reduce the size of the debt.

(Deflation is good for anyone with savings and bad for anyone with debts. Conversely inflation is bad for anyone with savings and good for anyone with debts.)

But they know that inflation is unpopular so they pretend it isn’t happening.

The bald truth is that inflation is inevitable, partly because governments around the world are bankrupt or going bankrupt and they need inflation to get rid of their debts, partly because supply chains have been devastated by the deliberately engineered war between the West and Russia, partly because globalisation has ended and partly because the absurd net zero policy is, as planned, destroying economies and businesses everywhere.

In November 2020 in a video entitled ‘How they plan to bankrupt us all’ I warned that inflation was going to soar and that interest rates would rise dramatically. I repeated the warning in my book Endgame in March 2021 and then again in my book Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street which was published in June 2022.

How did I know what was going to happen?

Because it was clearly part of their plan; it was predictable and it was inevitable.

I’ve been predicting a recession for many, many months – even though almost all other commentators said it wasn’t going to happen. I know people hate hearing gloomy news and forecasts but I’m not going to lie to you. If you want lies and misinformation just turn on the BBC which specialises in misinformation and runs programmes for Remainers and vaccine enthusiasts.

What we are about to experience will be far, far worse than anything that happened in the 1930s. Everywhere you look there is evidence showing just how fast the conspirators are making progress. And nowhere is it faster than in the destruction of the global economy.

This isn’t just going to be a recession – bad as that is. We‘re heading for a full scale depression. No one alive has ever seen anything like it – since there has never been anything like it.

At the start of 2022 I forecast a recession. And we’re already starting the recession. The next stop will be a depression.

And as governments and international bodies such as the World Bank and the IMF take ever more power – as they do during a depression – the loss of freedom will be exacerbated.

Listen to this: ‘We were the first to assert that the more complicated the forms of civilisation, the more restricted the freedom of the individual must become.’

Do you know who said that?

A certain Mr Mussolini. Remember him?

And here is Hayek on the perils of socialism: ‘Although we had been warned by some of the greatest political thinkers of the 19th century, by de Tocqueville and Lord Acton, that socialism means slavery, we have steadily moved in the direction of socialism. And now that we have seen a new form of slavery arise before our eyes, we have so completely forgotten the warning, that it scarcely occurs to us that the two things may be connected.’

And Hayek reminds me that Mr Hilaire Belloc, in ‘The Servile State’ (1913) explained that ‘the effect of socialist doctrine on capitalist society is to produce a third thing different from either of its two begetters – to wit, the Servile State.’

When I first predicted massive inflation and high interest rates, people laughed.

The truth about inflation is often forgotten. It is always with us because it is manufactured. When parking meters were first introduced in London it cost 6d to park a car for two hours. That’s two and a half new pence. Try parking a car in London for two and a half pence.

The Bank of England claims that it didn’t see inflation coming or didn’t do anything about it. But it’s here. The inflation figures are similar in the US and in much of the EU they are worse.

Workers everywhere (particularly those working for the State, who are often the best paid and always the ones with the best pensions) are striking – apparently not realising that pushing up wages will merely push inflation higher and make things worse.

But inflation can only be controlled when interest rates are notably higher than inflation.

Mortgage rates in the US are now around 6%. How many British home owners will survive when they renew their fixed rate mortgages at 6%? How about 15%? How about 20%? Politicians talk about taxpayers supporting those with mortgages they cannot afford. That would mean more taxes.

Thanks to Prime Minister Sunak, the UK tax burden is already the highest since World War II.

We need to grow the economy, to push up production, to develop new companies. But the conspirators take every opportunity to tell people to work from home – destroying productivity. Long covid and the useless PCR tests are being used to destroy productivity.

The tax burden will damage everything. And that is just what the conspirators ordered. The Government’s debts are as high as in World War II and as interest rates rise they will soar ever higher.

In the UK, the average worker has to work until 8th June to pay off their tax bill. Every penny earned until then goes to the Government. For higher paying tax payers its worse. Things will get far, far worse once net zero arrives. This will be in 2030 if the most extremist groups have their way.

The UK was one of the first nations to sign up for net zero and the consequences are terrifying. A full page advertisement in the Financial Times in November 2022 encouraged company bosses to join an organisation called Chapter Zero, described as part of the Climate Governance Institute, itself apparently a project in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and supported by the Centre for Climate Engagement.

Once countries reach net zero, the people will pretty much have to survive on 5% of the electricity we use at the moment.

The UK was the first major country to write a net-zero target into law. It also happens to be more reliant on imported energy than any other major country and, therefore, incredibly vulnerable to energy shortages and price rises. There is absolutely no future for the UK which is clearly ‘owned’ by the cultists promoting the global warming myth.

The cost of net zero will be £50 billion a year or £185 billion a year in the UK depending on which government department you listen to. All this expenditure is, like the war against Russia and the increase in expensive immigration, mostly supported and encouraged (but inevitably not paid for) by campaigners who are receiving Government benefits of one sort or another and have rarely, if ever, paid any income tax.

Cars will soon be charged by the mile. And planned and compulsory 20 mph speed limits will help increase accidents, increase pollution and further destroy the economy. The aim of all the laws oppressing motorists is to make travel ever more difficult. Travel by train, road or aeroplane is now more difficult than it has been for a century, and the only possible explanation is that the conspirators want to cut down the amount we travel. They are taking us into the Great Reset and once we are there we will not be allowed to move about much at all. The plan is for us to stay at home, play computer games, own nothing and be happy.

Government advisers have suddenly noticed the obvious and say that a new source of energy will be required for when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. There is still talk about nuclear power but it takes 10 – 20 years to build a nuclear power station, and the climate nutters who seem to control Britain will glue themselves to one another if anyone threatens to build one. The result will be much higher fuel prices. And lower productivity. And yet higher taxes.

There are over 5 million vacant jobs in the UK but there are 5 million unemployed in the UK – living on benefits. And the number is soaring. People were allowed to stay at home in 2020, drawing benefits and to make no attempt to find work. That is still happening.

Over 50s are retiring in droves because they can’t cope with new regulations and new taxes.

Savings are being destroyed. Shares are back to where they were in the 1990s. Tax changes and new regulations mean rents are rising rapidly and landlords are selling their properties – giving up. The number of homeless is set to soar. Companies are trying to survive by reducing quality and increasing prices. Customers pay more for less and feel aggrieved.

None of this is what people expect. They have been taught to believe that the Nanny state will look after them. They’ve been taught to trust the media. Now they’re betrayed, confused, frightened and lost. And it’s only just beginning. The financial chaos in the autumn of 2022 resulted in pension funds losing a staggering £500 billion. When I protested about this I saw comments from young financial journalists suggesting that it simply meant that men and women in their sixties would have to work for a few more years before retiring. The complete lack of sympathy and understanding was appalling.

Councils are so broke that they are cutting services. They’re still paying massive pensions to retired executives but cutting services to the old and the sick. It won’t be long before all local taxes will go to pay the pensions of retired council workers. Local councils will go bankrupt. Services will be slashed. Libraries, leisure centres and swimming pools will go. How long will bin collections continue? How long will schools stay open? Jobs will have to be cut.

Those with civil service pensions and corporate pensions think they’re safe. But they aren’t. Benefits are going to be cut.

The UK Government is heading for bankruptcy. Sunak wasted £11 billion when he was Chancellor. The rest of the Government wasted billions more. And even the Government admits that the crazy covid support loans will cost taxpayers £4.9 billion in losses.

Around the world, corruption is everywhere. The economy is collapsing globally. In 2020 the global debt was 220 trillion dollars. It is now $300 trillion. The world is getting poorer.

In Ireland, Australia and elsewhere some banks no longer deal with cash at all. No cash and no cheques. This is leading straight into a global, digital currency controlled by central banks with the scary Bank for International Settlements – that’s the bank that supported the Nazis and made World War II possible – controlling everything and working with the World Government.

None of this is happening by accident.

Soaring inflation and soaring interest rates were all predictable. The US and the EU and the UK must surely have realised that the sanctions against Russia would do more damage to the West than to Russia.

If the Bank of England really didn’t spot what was happening then they all need to be sacked and found employment in some less demanding form of employment.

But I don’t believe the Bank of England (and the other central banks) failed to see what was happening. I think they knew, and that what has happened has all been part of the plan to push us towards poverty, digital money and banking online. Goodbye freedom, goodbye privacy, goodbye humanity. To fight back, boycott any bank which won’t take cash or which expects you to use a mobile phone or an app.

Governments everywhere will have to push up interest rates dramatically to hold inflation back. Thousands of companies and individuals will go bust. No country on earth is immune. The US and the UK and all of Europe could go bust. Pension payments will have to stop. Benefits will be cut or will stop. Spending on health and education will be slashed as billions more are spent on bombs for Ukraine. The cost of rebuilding Ukraine will cost a trillion dollars. And who will pay for that?

Cheered on by arms companies, NATO is preparing for a long expensive war.

When economies crash the number of people dying always soars. In the US, add one per cent to the unemployment figures and 40,000 people die. Undertakers and possibly florists will be the only businesses which can expect boom times.

And as the cost of food and fuel soars so there will be more and more strikes, pushing up inflation. Doctors in the UK want a 35% pay rise. A massive pay rise will destroy what is left of the failed NHS.

Unions are demanding pay rises to match or exceed inflation. The big and powerful – backed and encouraged by the conspirators – will get what they demand. And the poor, the sick and the elderly will suffer as greedy unions push inflation ever higher.

Unemployment is going to soar as businesses go bust. House prices will collapse and repossessions will rise dramatically. Billions are being spent on the war in Ukraine, and displaced Ukrainians will be a huge drag on stretched economies.

Remember, the only way to control inflation is to take interest rates higher than inflation. Do the central banks want to control inflation? Either way economic chaos lies ahead. Either interest rates will hit 15% throughout the world or inflation will soar way out of control. Check out what happens when inflation really gets out of control. Hyperinflationary problems are painful.

If the police cannot cope with the inevitable civil unrest, the army will be brought in. Martial law is nothing new in some countries. But in the west it will be a shock. Lockdowns and travel bans will be nigh on permanent. Under cover of the unrest, more social credit schemes will be introduced. And rationing of fuel, food and even water.

When are people going to wake up? You have to spread the word.

And remember, many months ago I warned that the plan is to make us hate our governments so much that we accept a world government. All around the world that is exactly what is happening. Their evil scheme is unfolding just the way they planned it.