Insane Is Now the New Normal

By Dr Vernon Coleman

The UK is now sending long range missiles to Ukraine. And the UK is sending troops too. This takes us one big step closer to nuclear war. And, not to be outdone, the US is providing Ukraine with missiles and intelligence from Airborne Warning and Control systems (AWAC) patrols. This leaves Russia little option but to shoot down the American aircraft. It is patently clear that NATO wants a full-blooded nuclear war. (If you haven’t seen them please watch my videos: `Why they need world war III’ (first broadcast on 3rd May 2022) and `Urgent Warning to Everyone’ (first broadcast on 9th February 2023). Both videos are available on and on my channel on BrandNewTube. It is, I think, fair to say that if Ukraine and NATO appear to be winning this war there will be a nuclear war because the Russians will not go quietly into defeat. Remember that the Russians lost around 25 million men in World War II, defending their country against a German invasion. The Russians would fight just as hard against America. NATO members should all keep out of the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Anyone waving a Ukraine flag with enthusiasm is a war mongering psychopath. I will repeat my advice given some while ago: wherever you live keep an eye on the whereabouts of your nation’s President or Prime Minister. If two or more senior figures leave the capital at the same time then it might be time for you to consider leaving too. So, in the UK, I would consider it a possible warning sign if both Charles and Sunak quietly left London for their country homes (or, in the case of Charles, one of his many country homes.)

A national newspaper in the UK ran this headline the other day: ‘Major outbreak of deadly Victorian disease is on the cards, expert warns.’ Do you know the name of the ‘deadly Victorian disease’? It was measles. And a potential outbreak is being blamed on parents failing to have their children vaccinated against measles. Naturally, in order to ramp up the fear the story had to be given an extra twist and common or garden measles became a ‘deadly Victorian disease’. What a pity it is that newspapers never report the stories which show how dangerous vaccines can be. For example, the Danish Government and a Danish vaccine maker, funded a study of the DTP vaccine. Gates and his pet WHO claim that the DTP vaccine saves millions of lives but the truth seems to be very different. After looking at 30 years of data, the scientists concluded that the DTP vaccine was probably killing more children than died from diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus prior to the vaccine’s introduction. The vaccine had ruined the immune systems of children rendering them susceptible to death from pneumonia, leukaemia, bilharzia, malaria and dysentery. If you want to know the truth about vaccines and vaccinations please read my book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the truth. You can find it for sale on Amazon.

A few decades ago I spent a good deal of my time campaigning against the use of animals to test cosmetics. Eventually, we won that battle. But now, after a ban that has lasted 25 years, the UK Government is allowing testing for cosmetic ingredients to resume. This is cruel and utterly insane. There is absolutely no reason to test cosmetic ingredients on animals – just as there is no need to test pharmaceuticals on animals. There are two reasons why this is a thoroughly stupid decision. First, experiments on animals are notoriously unreliable. And so tests on animals are entirely worthless. If you don’t know whether a test can be relied on then you can’t use the test to make a decision. So, why do it? Second, drug companies promote and sell scores of drugs which are known to cause deadly diseases in animals. They argue that the tests are irrelevant because animals are so different to people that the tests don’t mean anything. Incidentally, I see that there is a row at the Oxford Union over a speaking engagement with a gender critical feminist. The Oxford Union describes itself as the last bastion of free speech. Ho ho. A few decades ago I was de-platformed by the Oxford Union. They invited me to debate vivisection but then banned me when vivisection supporters refused to debate with me. (And it’s a safe bet that they won’t be inviting me to debate vaccination or climate change. If they did I would probably be de-platformed before the posters could be printed.)

A British newspaper ran a headline on its front page saying: ‘Two million with Long Covid: 400,000 need specialist care’. And that’s odd because the biggest study of long covid suggested that it doesn’t exist. I suspect that most of the two million are hypochondriacs, hysterics or malingerers. If 400,000 people are receiving specialist care for a non-existent disease, the care available for cancer patients will be dramatically reduced.

A leading British business leader has been accused of inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour. One of the complaints made against him is that three years ago he told a woman that her dress suited her figure. The accused man said he made the remark as ‘misjudged way of seeking to cheer someone up’. The woman made a formal complaint. In future, I suggest that, when talking to members of another sex, we confine all our remarks to the state of the weather and the chances of Black Beauty in the 3.30 at Haydock Park. Well, perhaps not Black Beauty.

Legislators in Ireland have passed a law making it a crime to possess `hateful content’ on your mobile phone or computer. Anyone who has hateful content can be sent to prison. The trouble is that they don’t define ‘hateful content’ so millions of people will have hateful content on their devices without realising it. And if they include misinformation as ‘hateful content’ then anyone with material from the BBC on their gadgets could be up to their armpits in ordure. Still, there is some good news. Wikipedia, the pretend encyclopaedia, edited by amateurs, has warned that it may soon be banned in the UK as a result of new censorship legislation. That’s the best news I have heard for months. I shall celebrate if Wikipedia dies. Remember, a co-founder of Wikipedia has described it as ‘thoroughly corrupt’. And yet still people use it and give it money. It would make more sense to give money to the Rothschilds than to give money to Wikipedia.

The highly paid bozos at the Bank of England have now confessed that inflation will not go down until 2025. (That’s their latest guess). They were wrong about prices, wrong about interest rates, wrong about the recession and wrong about inflation. And Sunak, who promised that inflation would be conquered by the end of the year, is now looking a prize plonker. Naturally, I hate to say ‘I told you so’, but readers will probably remember that on 5th August 2022 I released a video entitled ‘I warned about soaring inflation and interest rates in 2020. So, what’s next?’. If an old man in a chair can get these things absolutely right why on earth do so-called professionals on huge salaries get things so wrong? We should close the Bank of England, sack all the staff and share out the millions we save.

Dr David Starkey got into terrible trouble for suggesting that British Prime Minister and WEF enthusiast Rishi Sunak is not fully grounded in our culture. Starkey was, of course, entirely correct. Sunak appears to have ties which are closer to those of America than those of England. Moreover, I suspect that the problem Starkey has isolated is commoner than we are allowed to think. So, for example, I suspect that many of the complaints about racism are brought by individuals whose cultural values cannot be defined as traditionally English. This isn’t ‘wrong’, of course, but it does explain why a sportsman who may not have been brought up within traditional English cultural customs and conventions might complain about chaffing and ribbing from team-mates – not to mention the use of nicknames. The witch hunts which appear to have destroyed much of English cricket during the last year or two could have surely been avoided if the humourless and self-righteous hordes of scythe waving censors hadn’t been quite so quick to point fingers and scream ‘racism’. The worst example of racism I have ever encountered occurred, it is true, at a cricket match but the offenders were supporters of the Pakistani team. A rather nasty and belligerent crowd (all of whom would have failed the Tebbit test) chanted racist abuse for hours with the result that I and others left before stumps. The Welsh have for years been affectionately referred to as ‘sheep shaggers’ without, as far as I know, anyone complaining that the phrase should be regarded as having racist overtones. All this reminds me that when I was at school I was frequently asked to deliver two bags of nutty slack. And on several occasions I was referred to as ‘mustard’. I still suffer nightmares as a result of these remarks and I shall be demanding £100 million in damages from the schools I attended.

Britain’s Financial Services Minister (I didn’t know we had one), who is apparently someone called Andrew Griffith (never heard of him) has said that Britain is getting closer to deciding when, rather than if it would issue a digital version of sterling. (For the record it was Reuters who called Griffith the Financial Services Minister though I think he is more traditionally and usually known as Economic Secretary to the Treasury. Presumably, this is the same Reuters which delights in fact checking people.) My guess is that with people like Griffith walking around in Parliament there will be a Britcoin before Christmas. We will then be frighteningly close to the end of our civilisation. I wish people would take this threat seriously. Most people still use their swipe cards and their mobile phones to pay for all the stuff they cannot live without. The rest of us should all refuse to patronise any shop or café which won’t take cash. To understand the bleak and arid future we face, please read They want your money and your life and Social Credit: Nightmare on your Street – both of which are available via the bookshop on this website. Once the bastards have introduced a digital currency they’ll make us all use it and then quickly withdraw real cash money from circulation. The end is nigher than you think.

As I pointed out the other day, Ukraine will now no longer be the world’s major source of food. By sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has helped to destroy Ukraine as a source of food and he has guaranteed massive, global starvation. The depleted uranium will devastate fields in Ukraine. Radiated ground is no use for growing food. Up until recently Britain only had one major war criminal (Tony Blair). Now we have two and Blair and Sunak can perhaps share a cell.

The BBC ran this headline ‘Gaza cancer patients face life-threatening treatment delays’. In the story it was estimated that more than 200 patients urgently needed treatment. I wonder if anyone at the BBC knows (or cares) that there are several million patients in Britain who face life-threatening treatment delays. If so maybe they’d like to run more stories concentrating on explaining why the UK now has the sort of health care system that would be rejected by a Third World Country.

The climate change nutters are terribly excited about hydrogen. It is, they say, the new, clean fuel that will save us all. I wonder what the deluded morons will say when they find out that hydrogen is made by burning fossil fuels.