Interview with Founder of Jam for Freedom

About Jam for Freedom

On December 20th 2020 – the day in which tier 4 lockdowns were enacted, the first Jam for Freedom began. Over 120 shows across 4 continents later and our support has never been stronger!

Founded by performer, educator and musician Cambel McLaughlin. Upon hearing the news announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the TV whilst getting his haircut at a local barbers, Cambel decided enough was enough. After returning home he messaged musicians and posted on several online pages with videos and pictures asking creatives to join in a ‘Jam for Freedom’. Only one musician joined in, a London-based Brazilian drummer named Felipe Amori.

The next morning on the 20th of December 2020 Cambel jumped on a bus with a suitcase full of drums, a speaker, mic stand and set up at the busiest spot in one of London’s most visited parks, Hampstead Heath. A couple hours of ‘unlwaful’ live music went by,  filled with the message of freedom, unity, truth and hope. Park wardens as expected asked for the performance to end as it was against ‘the rules’. Packing up their equipment on that chilly December afternoon, Cambel and Felipe planned the next jams, once again urging musicians from all over the world to get involved. We had no luck. We felt so alone.

Just under a year later and the Jam for Freedom movement is now global with 11 different countries and our monthly ‘International Jam for Freedom Day’ uniting musicians in inter-continental jams all livestreamed at the same time! Our supporters now include Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Right Said Fred and musicians and music-lovers from across the world.

Our story is your story. Let music raise the vibration and create the revolution in the mind, body and soul. We will win this war on our sacred human consciousness… the future is yours. Victory is ours. We will never surrender.

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