Interview with UK Undertaker John O’Looney

UK Undertaker John O’Looney wraps up the lies and evil behind the covid fraud. He sees through the scam as an undertaker from the very beginning when any death was put down as a covid death. Later deaths soared shortly after vaccination.

“We had a guy in today. . . He was 30 years old. Triple jabbed. He had a postmortem. The family asked us to get him embalmed. And when that happens, they remove all the organs and put them in a plastic bag when they’ve done what they need to do—take samples, and weigh them, and look at them—then they put them back in the body cavity and sew him up. So we have to undo that. That, then, gives you considerable access to that body from the inside, and you can see all the crap hanging out in the arteries. . . We thought it was blood clots that were killing people. It’s not. It’s some sort of white crap growing inside people’s arteries, and it’s phenomenal. It was honestly chilling to witness. I pulled it out of every artery this guy had. . . the femoral artery, the radial artery, the carotid artery—literally, you’re pulling it out like spaghetti. It grows inside the artery. . . His aorta was literally jammed-pack full of it! What it is, I really don’t know. It is very elastic. . . the bigger it grows, it cuts down the blood supply to everywhere and these people drop down dead.”

He also says: “The government is prepared for civil unrest…”

(Sunfellow on COVID-19/Cafe Locked out/Rumble)

UK Gov. refused to publish further COVID data once it showed the Triple Vaccinated were developing AIDS & Double Vaccinated were suffering ADE

The UK Health Security Agency refused to publish any further data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status back in April 2022 because previous figures showed that the triple vaccinated population were on the verge of developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and the double vaccinated were suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

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