The Word ‘Surrender’ Is Out and ‘Evacuate’ Is In

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:25 – Inflation

07:25 – The Northern Ireland Protocol

23:13 – The Word “Surrender” Is Out and “Evacuate” Is In

37:04 – Formal Applications To Join Nato From Sweden and Finland

49:26 – It’s All Worth It Propaganda

57:26 – Effectively Spreading Information

01:02:14 – The World Health Assembly IHR Amendments

01:06:45 – The Commission on Human Medicines Brush Off

01:16:14 – Is Bill Gates Trying to Supplant the WHO?

01:25:00 – Wisdom Exists We Just Need to Find It

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