What Role Does the Devil Play Today?

Bishop Fulton Sheen Explains The Devil (Catholic 365/YT):

Bishop Fulton Sheen’s take on the devil. What does diabolical mean, what does satanic mean? Sheen explains the meaning of these words and the characteristics of the devil. He shows how the devil always lies and deceives, in order to achieve his evil goal.

Fulton Sheen was an American Bishop who became known as a radio and TV preacher. He died in 1979. Some of what he addressed to the people of his time appears to be prophetic.

Many people have begun to see that the past two years were not only a political event, but also a battle between good and evil. In fact, those who have researched deeply enough, will have encountered the satanic origins of the agendas that are currently ruling our world.

What Bishop Fulton Sheen has to say, is probably more relevant than ever.

Can you spot the devil in this picture?
No - Bob Moran