Is Summer Cancelled According To the Psyop?

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s news update from the UK Column, containing these subjects:

  • Is Summer Cancelled According To the Psyop
  • The Crucial Thing Is Always Vaccines
  • Global Social Media Censorship Faces A Challange
  • Dr Scott Jensen Statement
  • Controlled Opposition Dominic Cummins Pitches For More
  • Lockdowns And Exposes Bill Gates
  • No Justifications For Lockdowns
  • Doctors Warn Against Vaccinating children
  • Politician’s Statements Mean Nothing
  • Gavine Newsom Launches Cash Give Away for Vaccine Recipients
  • Unite for Freedom March London 29th May 2021
  • Bank refuses To Pay Out Fundraiser
  • The Importance of Supporting Campaigns Regardless Of Who Else
  • Emergency Alerts and Cell Broadcasting
  • Carney’s Threat
  • Belarus Hypocrisy Rumbles On